Skymint Will Lay Off 143 Lansing-area Employees

Wagswoofs – Cannabis company SKYMINT has recently made the decision to lay off 143 employees from its Harvest Park production facility in Lansing, Michigan. This unfortunate development has been confirmed by the company itself.

The facility is located in Windsor Township, Eaton County, near the intersection of Lansing Rd. and Creyts Rd.

According to the company’s media relations, all of the employees impacted by the layoff were given a 60-day notice. Furthermore, the company informed the state about this significant workforce reduction. In addition to the layoffs, SKYMINT has also announced the closure of the Harvest Park facility.

SKYMINT has announced its decision to close down the Harvest Park production facility by March 1, 2024. The company has been facing similar challenges as other players in Michigan’s cannabis industry, including an excess supply, declining prices, and rising costs. In order to stay competitive in the market and ensure long-term success for SKYMINT brands, this decision has been deemed the best way forward. The company expresses its gratitude for the unwavering support and contributions of its facility employees, suppliers, and customers. SKYMINT is committed to ensuring a seamless transition during the operation of the facility until its closure.

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