Snoop Dogg Admits ‘Giving Up Smoke’ Was An Ad Campaign … For A Fire Pit

Wagswoofs – On Monday, Snoop Dogg disclosed that his previous announcement about quitting smoking, which was met with a lot of doubt from his supporters, was actually a teaser for an advertising campaign for a fire pit.

On Thursday, Snoop, the rapper and well-known marijuana enthusiast, announced on social media that he was “quitting smoking.” Fans were left wondering whether he was serious or not. However, on Monday, he confirmed that he was not actually giving up smoking.

In a video advertisement on X, Snoop expressed that he understands what people might be thinking when he announces that he’s done with smoke, given that it’s been a significant part of his persona. However, he emphasized that he has now decided to go smokeless, and he credits Solo Stove’s fixed fire for this change. According to Snoop, Solo Stove’s product eliminates the smoke, making it a more desirable option for him.

Calvin Broadus, better known as Snoop Dogg, can be seen in the advertisement roasting marshmallows using a Solo Stove metal fire pit.

Solo Stove has recently launched a unique fire pit known as “The Snoop Stove,” which they describe as being “hot enough to make the Doggfather go smokeless.” This limited edition item is sure to attract attention with its catchy name and impressive features.

Last week, when Snoop announced that “I’m giving up smoke,” fans were skeptical and some of them expressed their doubts on X, pointing out that the wording seemed suspicious.

Throughout his career, Snoop has incorporated smoking into his brand. His album covers, merchandise, and music videos often feature marijuana leaves, making it a prominent aspect of his image. At 52 years old, Snoop has established himself as a well-known advocate for cannabis use.

In his YouTube talk show, “Double G News,” he hangs out with celebrities such as Tiffany Haddish and rappers D Smoke and Moneybagg Yo, while enjoying a smoke.

Some users questioned the amount of money that X made from the marketing tactic. One user even compared the scheme to asking the Pope to give up preaching in exchange for a brand deal.

One individual commented that the advertisement made “stoners all over the world question their life choices.”

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