South Kansas City Residents Share Their Thoughts About The New Grocery Store

Wagswoofs –  South Kansas City, Missouri has been experiencing a void since the start of the year due to the closure of a local grocery store in the neighborhood.

In May, city officials in KCMO made an announcement regarding the replacement of the market. They revealed that the Red Bridge Farm Fresh Market would be taking its place.

the community may witness the commencement of construction on the new store as soon as January.

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Residents of South Kansas City have been discussing the absence of a neighborhood grocery store at the regular meetings of the South Kansas City Alliance. It has been nearly a year since they last had access to a local store, and this has become a significant concern for the community.

“The closure of the Sun Fresh Market has transformed that area into a food desert,” remarked John Sharp, the president of the South Kansas City Alliance.

The closure of the store has compelled the residents of the area to make significant changes to their everyday schedule.

“It was a devastating blow for the community. Living in a food desert is something nobody desires,” expressed Johnnie Wilson, a long-time resident of the neighborhood. “We yearn for access to nutritious options and locally sourced products, without having to embark on long journeys to find essential groceries for our families.”

Sharp mentioned that he frequents the nearby Price Choppers, although he noted that their selection is somewhat limited in the area.

Owen Buckley, the president of Lane4 Property Group, made an appearance at Monday’s meeting to provide reassurance to the residents about what lies ahead.

Buckley emphasized that the store will prioritize a wide range of products, including produce, meats, bakery items, and natural and organic options.

Wilson expressed his support for the store’s vision but also suggested the inclusion of local businesses in the plan.

“We’re just like any other family. We love shopping at our local businesses and getting our hands on their delicious BBQ sauce, which is a staple in Kansas City,” Wilson explained. “So when a new grocery store opens up in our community, it’s important to us that they showcase and sell products from our local businesses. It’s our way of supporting and promoting them.”

For certain individuals, the wait until late spring or early summer may seem long, but the sense of anticipation makes it worthwhile for the community.

According to Wilson, although it may require some additional travel, it will be worth the wait as something wonderful is bound to open closer to home.

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