St. Louis Man Faces 20-year Sentence After Authorities Found 31 Pounds Of Meth In His Luggage At The Kansas City Bus Station

Wagswoofs – Cregg L. Matthews, a 56-year-old from St. Louis, has been given a 20-year prison sentence without parole in Kansas City, Missouri. This comes after he was caught with over 31 pounds of methamphetamine in his luggage, which was discovered when he arrived at a Kansas City bus station after traveling by bus from Los Angeles, California.

Key Points

    • Law enforcement had intelligence that Matthews was transporting methamphetamine from California to Missouri.
    • A police service canine alerted to Matthews’s suitcase and the bag he was carrying at the Kansas City bus station.
    • Investigators found 10 bundles of methamphetamine weighing 10 pounds in Matthews’s black bag and 16 bundles weighing 21.6 pounds in his suitcase.
    • Matthews had been released from parole approximately a year prior for a cocaine possession conviction and has multiple drug-trafficking convictions and a statutory rape conviction.
    • While awaiting trial for this offense, Matthews was involved in a jail fight, as per court documents.
    • Matthews, a career offender with prior felony convictions, was found guilty of possessing methamphetamine with the intent to distribute. The verdict was reached on June 6, 2023.

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