Storm WATCH: Heavy Rain And Wind in New York May Impact Monday Morning AM Commute

Wagswoofs –  According to Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Hope Osemwenkhae, New York City is currently under a flood warning that will remain in effect until Monday afternoon. The city is expected to receive a total of 2-4 inches of rain by Monday morning.

    • WIND ADVISORY is in effect from through 6 a.m. Monday for Brooklyn & Queens. Gusts can reach up to 50mph.
    • Thunderstorms are possible tonight with the heaviest rain and strongest gusts between 8-12 a.m. Flash flooding, scattered power outages and downed trees limbs/ branches expected.
    • Steady rain continues overnight with gusts up to 35 mph. Rain moves out around 6-7 a.m. Monday morning.
    • Potential impacts to the morning commute: Standing water on highways and low-lying communities, river flooding from the Bronx River Parkway, power outages and power lines/ trees blocking roads and damaged.
    • Expect a 20 degree drop in temps tonight into Monday morning. A cold gusty wind takes us through Monday with increasing sunshine.
    • Drier, colder and breezy into Tuesday. Wind chills in the 20s by Tuesday morning. Quiet and seasonable into Thursday.

Expect a stormy night ahead with pockets of heavy rain and strong to damaging winds. Temperatures will also drop, reaching lows near 43 degrees. Stay prepared and stay safe.

On Monday, we can expect the storm to gradually subside, with the morning rain coming to an end. However, it will still be quite blustery and colder throughout the day. High temperatures will reach around 45 degrees, while lows are expected to be near 34 degrees.

Tuesday will start off freezing, but it will brighten up later with a chilly breeze. The temperature will reach highs of around 44, while the lows will be near 36.

Wednesday will be mostly sunny and chilly, with less breeze. High temperatures will be around 44 degrees, while low temperatures will be near 32 degrees.

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