Tennessee Deputies Engage In Shootout With Georgia Kidnapping Suspect, Resulting In Suspect’s Death

Wagswoofs – A man who was accused of kidnapping a toddler from Georgia and transporting them across state lines met his end in a shootout when confronted by Tennessee deputies.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, a 31-year-old man named Tyler L. Roberts led authorities on an armed pursuit from north Georgia into south Hamilton County, Tennessee on Sunday evening. Roberts, who had an 18-month-old child with him, was involved in the incident.

The connection between the suspect and the child remains unclear.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office brought the chase to a halt on Interstate 75 by using a spike strip, effectively disabling the vehicle attempting to flee.

According to the HCSO, the toddler remained unharmed physically, while the deputies who were shot are expected to recover without major injuries.

The motive for the abduction was not disclosed by the authorities.

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