Texas Republicans Tell Biden: ‘you Made A Mistake Choosing Texas,’ ‘stop Your Attack On Texas’

Wagswoofs – House Republicans have firmly expressed their opposition to the White House in a strong and uncompromising manner. Amidst the ongoing standoff between the administration and Texas on border security, GOP lawmakers are urging the state to stand firm and resolute against the federal government’s actions.

“Let’s stand with Texas and hold the line,” emphasized Rep. Beth Van Duyne, a passionate Republican representative from Texas, during a press conference held at the Capitol. Her unwavering message resonated with more than 20 fellow Republican members who stood united, emphasizing the importance of never backing down.

Rep. Brian Babin, a Republican from Texas, expressed his willingness to stand with his state if the border issue becomes a significant battle. He stated, “If this becomes the hill to die on, I can tell you that I will gladly join my state.” Babin’s commitment highlights the importance he places on addressing the border situation.

The Biden administration and Texas are currently engaged in a legal battle regarding the use of razor wire at the southern border. Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling allowing federal agents to remove the wire. However, Texas officials have made it clear that they will continue to install the wire, showing their determination to uphold their border policies despite the court’s decision. Republicans in Washington have also expressed their support for Texas, further encouraging the state to persist with their border measures.

Rep. Randy Weber, a Republican from Texas, sent a direct message to President Joe Biden, urging him to cease his ongoing aggression towards the state of Texas.

“Mr. President, you have made a grave mistake by targeting the wrong state,” Weber asserted on Monday. “You have underestimated the resilience of our governor and the determination of our state delegation.”

Republicans are presenting the border crisis as extremely serious, similar to other Texas officials who have raised concerns about a potential civil war. The GOP is holding President Biden and his administration responsible for the unprecedented surge in migrant encounters at the southern border in the previous year.

During a press conference on Monday, Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican from Texas, voiced his concerns about the intentions behind certain actions. He expressed his belief that there was a deliberate effort to flood our society and undermine our way of life, with the ultimate goal of destroying Western civilization.

As House Republicans gear up to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and reject a bipartisan Senate compromise on border security and immigration policy, the right-wing’s rhetoric is becoming increasingly intense.

The House Homeland Security Committee has scheduled a markup on two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, accusing him of violating the law and breaching public trust. This markup is set to take place on Tuesday, and there is a possibility that the measure could be brought to the floor as early as next week.

Senate negotiators are set to unveil their highly anticipated border and immigration bill later this week. However, House Republicans have made it clear that they don’t see the need for such a bill.

According to House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good, R-Va., the speaker has made it clear that the Senate border bill, as it has been reported, will not be accepted in the House. Good stated this during a meeting with GOP leaders, emphasizing that the speaker has made these remarks both publicly and privately.

House Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, are aligning themselves with former President Donald Trump and expressing criticism towards the Senate deal even before its release. In a letter addressed to House Republicans, Speaker Johnson used the same wording to convey his perspective.

Johnson confidently stated that if the rumors regarding the draft proposal’s contents are accurate, it would have been destined for failure in the House regardless.

Johnson has shown strong support for the Senate bill, even as additional information has been revealed. Republicans have particularly focused on one aspect of the bill, which would give the Department of Homeland Security the power to close the border in the event of an emergency, if there is an average of 4,000 migrant encounters per day over the course of one week. However, what has been even more concerning for the GOP is that the bill does not require the border to be shut down until the weekly average of illegal border crossings, excluding those entering legally through ports of entry, exceeds 5,000 or if there are more than 8,500 illegal crossings in a single day.

In a recent social media post, the speaker expressed their strong stance against allowing any illegal crossings through a border shutdown authority. They referred to the Senate proposal as “a non-starter.”

Johnson expressed his outrage at the daily number of thousands. He firmly believes that the number should be reduced to zero.

House Freedom Caucus member Byron Donalds wasted no time in dismissing the Senate’s bipartisan border package without even reviewing it.

“The Senate deal is awful. The elements, in their current state, are absolutely terrible,” expressed the Florida Republican to reporters following the leadership meeting with Johnson on Monday.

Donalds shrugged when asked why some of his Senate counterparts would continue to champion a bipartisan agreement that House Republicans seem determined to completely ignore.

He remarked that those individuals are usually the ones responsible for making unfavorable agreements for the American people. He also mentioned that he would anticipate nothing different from the established figures in Washington, D.C.

Donalds firmly believes that President Joe Biden possesses the necessary resources to effectively secure the southern border. However, he simply chooses not to utilize them.

According to Donalds, there is no need for us to take any action. He argues that President Biden is responsible for the current situation as he dismantled the existing policies through executive action. Donalds suggests that the solution lies in restoring the policies that were in place during the Trump era.

“The president has the power to make a sudden change at this very moment. They have the ability to draft an executive order in the White House tomorrow and completely alter the current situation,” Donalds confidently stated. He further expressed his willingness to assist in the process, stating, “I am prepared to draft an executive order on his behalf. Once he signs it, everything will immediately transform.”

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