The Biggest Blue Crab Ever Captured in New York is Caught by a Man

A catch like this is one for the books! A gentleman in The Empire State has just set a new record by catching the largest blue crab in New York!

New York Resident Reels In Record-Breaking Blue Crab Catch

On the southern shore of Long Island, in Moriches Bay, a record-breaking catch was made. Hunter Tracy caught the largest blue crab in the state of New York, measuring an astonishing 7-3/16 inches. New York has strict guidelines for hard shell blue crabs, requiring a minimum size of 4.5 inches to take. However, this was not an issue for Tracy, who landed himself a congratulatory spot on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website.

When it comes to determining record-breaking blue crabs, the process is a bit different than weighing them on a scale. Instead, these creatures are measured to see where they stand in terms of breaking records. Typically, blue crabs live for three to four years and are harvested once they reach 4.5 inches. However, they can grow up to nine inches long. According to the New York State Department of Conservation, the record-setting blue crab caught by Tracy was likely a full-grown adult in its elder years. After catching this enormous crab, Tracy was awarded the New York State Record Blue Crab Award, certifying his amazing achievement.

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Crabbing in New York: A Guide to Catching Crabs in the Empire State

New York boasts an extensive shoreline that spans several hundred miles, making it an ideal destination for crabbing enthusiasts. Whether you’re with family or friends, crabbing is a fun and accessible activity that doesn’t require a special permit or license. You just need to adhere to the size and possession guidelines. In New York, you have two options for crabbing: using a baited handline and dipnet to catch crabs or setting up a collapsible trap. If you opt for the latter, you must follow additional rules, but a non-collapsible crab pot is just as effective.

Crabbing is a highly popular activity in the state, and to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable meal after crabbing, the state has created a Blue Crab Cooking and Eating Guide. If you’re looking for a great place to go crabbing, Jamaica Bay in Long Island Sound is an excellent choice as the waters have less contamination. However, it’s essential to be cautious when taking crabs from the Hudson River and other waters around New York City as they may contain harmful chemicals. With proper preparation and cooking practices, though, you can still relish the taste of these meaty crustaceans.

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