The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana: Uncovering Its Paranormal History

Located in St. Francisville, Louisiana, the Myrtles Plantation serves as a testament to the grandeur and enigmatic allure of the South prior to the Civil War. This iconic plantation is steeped in rich history and shrouded in legend, with rumors of ghostly apparitions roaming its hallowed halls. Take a closer look at the fascinating history of this southern gem and discover its secrets for yourself.

The late 18th-century plantation house known as “The Myrtles,” or The Myrtles Plantation, is renowned for its stunning architecture, picturesque gardens, and spine-tingling tales of ghostly encounters.

The History of Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana

The history of the plantation is as captivating as the Spanish moss draping the oak trees. General David Bradford constructed it in 1796, and it has witnessed the ravages of time. Each family that resided there made an indelible impact on its past. The Myrtles has a history of ghost stories. The most renowned ghost that still haunts the estate is Chloe, a former slave who, according to legend, was caught eavesdropping on a conversation and suffered a dreadful death.

According to local lore, Chloe’s presence lingers on the grounds of the Myrtles. Tourists are still captivated by her story, which has been passed down through generations. Many claim to have seen Chloe’s ghost around the farm, making her a central figure in the mysteries surrounding the Myrtles.

Haunted Happenings in The Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles is renowned for its alleged supernatural occurrences that have been reported by guests. Some claim to have heard eerie sounds, felt sudden drops in temperature, and even witnessed ghostly apparitions. The tales of haunted happenings have drawn the attention of investigators and supernatural enthusiasts from around the globe.

Numerous paranormal investigations have been conducted at the Myrtles, all in an attempt to uncover evidence of the supernatural. What adds to the intrigue of the plantation are the personal accounts and encounters shared by investigators.

Visitors have the opportunity to delve into the intriguing history and experience the enigmatic allure of The Myrtles Plantation as it opens its doors to the public. Guided tours provide a glimpse into the past and offer the possibility of encountering unfamiliar faces.

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