The Richest Town In Michigan Has Been Revealed

The richest town in Michigan is Barton Hills. According to Forbes, Barton Hills has a median household income of $250,000, which is significantly higher than the national median of $67,521. The median home value in Barton Hills is also high, at $1,382,783.

Barton Hills is a small, affluent community known for its large homes, private golf course, and proximity to the University of Michigan. It is just a few miles from the city of Ann Arbor and is home to a number of wealthy families. The village is known for its large homes, beautiful scenery, and quiet atmosphere.

There Are A Number Of Factors That Contribute To Barton Hills’ Wealth, Including:

1. High Median Household Income:

Barton Hills boasts an exceptionally high median household income of $222,917, surpassing the state median by over three times. This substantial income level reflects the concentration of high-income earners residing within the community.

2. Exclusive and Private Ambiance:

The town’s gated community status, fortified by stringent zoning regulations, safeguards its exclusive and opulent character. This sense of exclusivity lures individuals seeking not only affluence but also privacy and security.

3. Scarcity and Elevated Property Values:

In Barton Hills, the number of available homes is limited, and the properties that do become available often command premium prices. This scarcity of housing amplifies the town’s overall affluence.

4. Educational Excellence:

Barton Hills benefits from being part of the Ann Arbor Public Schools district, a district that is renowned for its academic excellence. Families are willing to invest significantly in their homes to ensure their children receive a top-tier education.

5. Proximity to the Vibrant Ann Arbor:

Barton Hills enjoys the advantage of being within a brief commute of Ann Arbor, a thriving city with a robust economy, a rich tapestry of cultural attractions, and the esteemed University of Michigan. This proximity endows Barton Hills residents with access to a multitude of amenities and opportunities.

6. Strong Community Spirit:

Barton Hills fosters a strong sense of community among its residents, with active participation in neighborhood events and a shared commitment to maintaining the community’s high standards.


In conclusion, Barton Hills, Michigan, stands out as the pinnacle of affluence in the state. With a median household income that dwarfs the Michigan average, this exclusive enclave owes its prosperity to a confluence of factors, including the presence of high-earning professionals, a private and well-preserved community ambiance, scarce and high-value housing, top-tier educational institutions, and its proximity to the thriving city of Ann Arbor. Barton Hills serves as a testament to the power of these elements in shaping the economic landscape of a community and solidifying its reputation as the wealthiest town in the state.

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