The University of Florida Claims the No. 1 Spot for Affordability in the U.S.

According to recent data, the University of Florida has been identified as the most affordable college in the United States. Taking second place is Florida State University, while the University of South Florida has secured fourth place in the list.

The study examined over 1,700 colleges and universities across various regions in the United States to determine the average costs of tuition and fees, room and board, and books and supplies. Out of the surveyed institutions, only 88 made it to the top of the list. The University of Miami, a private institution located in Florida, secured the 45th spot, making it the sole Florida school to be included in the rankings.

The University of Florida in Gainesville stands out for its affordability among other colleges. With only $20,045 per year, it is considered the cheapest college in the country. The cost of books and materials is $810, and the cost of room and board is $10,950 per year, making it a budget-friendly option for students. Moreover, the typical tuition fee is $8,285, which adds to its cost-effectiveness.

According to the Research website, UF ranks as the ninth-best public college in the United States and the 48th-best college overall.

Florida State University is an excellent choice for students seeking an affordable college education. The average cost of room and board is $11,565, while the cost of books and materials is $1,000. Additionally, tuition costs for the school in Tallahassee are approximately $7,493, bringing the total cost to $20,058. For those looking for an alternative, the University of South Florida in Tampa comes in at just $18 more than New Mexico State University annually, with a total cost of $20,078. This includes tuition costs of $6,410 per year, room and board expenses of $12,568 per year, and an additional $1,100 per year for books and materials.

Dr. Pawel Dabrowski PhD, a data scientist working on the rankings, highlights the staggering reality that every year, college graduates are burdened with thousands of dollars in debt. He emphasizes that the cost of going to college, which includes not only tuition but also housing, books, and supplies, has become a crucial factor in determining where to pursue higher education.

On the list, schools have a mean Transfer-out Rate of just 9%, indicating a high level of satisfaction among students. Additionally, the average graduation rate stands at 86%, with 73% of students earning a bachelor’s degree within four years – both figures surpassing the national average.

According to him, it’s crucial to consider the acceptance rate. The University of Florida has an acceptance rate of 30%, while Florida State University has a rate of 47%, and South Florida has a rate of 49%.

“This data is quite fascinating as it provides us with insights into the colleges that are capable of providing a high-quality degree at an affordable price,” he stated. The University of Miami, for instance, has an acceptance rate of 28%, with an average annual tuition and fees cost of $57,194.

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