This City Has Been Named The Worst City To Live In Ohio

Wagswoofs – Canton, Ohio has been named the worst city to live in Ohio in 2023 by multiple sources, including WalletHub, PropertyClub, and the Southwest Journal. Despite some redeeming qualities, the city faces a multitude of challenges that have contributed to this unfavorable ranking.

This City Has Been Named The Worst City To Live In Ohio

Here Are Some Of The Factors That Contribute To Canton, Ohio Being One Of The Worst Cities To Live In:

High Crime Rate: 

Canton grapples with a high crime rate, with violent crime rates exceeding double the national average. Residents are concerned about safety and security, which has undoubtedly affected the city’s overall livability.

Economic Struggles:

The city’s residents face economic hardships, evident in the high poverty rate and a low employment rate. These economic challenges have placed a significant burden on the population.

Housing Issues:

Affordable housing is in short supply in Canton, making it difficult for residents to find suitable and cost-effective places to live. This challenge can be particularly burdensome for low-income families and individuals.


The city also grapples with a high rate of homelessness, highlighting the pressing need for support and assistance for vulnerable members of the community.

Workforce Shortage:

Canton faces a shortage of skilled workers, which can hinder economic growth and development. The lack of a skilled workforce poses additional obstacles to improving the city’s overall prospects.

Population Decline:

A declining population is a concerning trend in Canton. As people seek better opportunities and living conditions elsewhere, the city’s population has decreased, raising questions about its long-term sustainability.

Despite these challenges, Canton is not without its merits. The city is home to several cultural attractions that can offer respite and a sense of identity to its residents. Notable landmarks include the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which is a cherished institution for football enthusiasts, and the Canton Museum of Art, where the city’s rich cultural heritage is on display.

Canton is also home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, including TimkenSteel and Diebold Nixdorf. These corporate entities contribute to the local economy and provide employment opportunities, offering some hope for future growth and improvement.

If you are contemplating a move to Canton, it is essential to conduct thorough research and weigh the pros and cons of living in the city. While it may have its challenges, Canton offers unique cultural assets and a resilient community that is determined to overcome the obstacles it faces and work towards a better future.

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