This City Has Been Named the Worst City to Live in Wyoming

The city of Rawlins, located in Carbon County, Wyoming, has been named the worst city to live in the state. This designation was made by the Wyoming Economic Policy Analysis Council (WEPAC) after conducting a comprehensive study that considered various factors such as employment opportunities, crime rates, and the cost of living. In each of these categories, Rawlins exhibited poor performance.

The study found that Rawlins has the highest unemployment rate in the state, with 9.5% of the population out of work. The WEPAC study’s findings are not surprising to many residents of Rawlins. The city has been struggling for years with economic decline and high crime rates.

Factors Contributed To Rawlins:

Employment opportunities: The availability of jobs and the quality of those jobs are crucial aspects of a city’s livability. Rawlins struggles with a high unemployment rate, indicating a lack of employment opportunities.

Crime rates: A safe and secure environment is essential for a livable city. Rawlins, unfortunately, has one of the highest crime rates in Wyoming, making it a less desirable place to reside.

Cost of living: The affordability of housing, groceries, and other essential expenses plays a significant role in determining a city’s livability. Rawlins exhibits a higher cost of living than the national average, adding to its challenges.

Rawlins Poor Performance

The WEPAC study revealed that Rawlins scored poorly in all of the factors considered. The city’s unemployment rate stands at 9.5%, significantly higher than the state average. Additionally, Rawlins grapples with a crime rate of 27.2 crimes per 1,000 residents, placing it among the highest in Wyoming. Furthermore, the cost of living in Rawlins exceeds the national average, making it a less affordable option for residents.

These statistics paint a stark picture of economic hardship faced by many residents of Wyoming.

Factor Rawlins Wyoming Average National Average
Unemployment Rate 9.5% 4.2% 3.6%
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) 27.2 18.1 16.3
Cost of Living Index 105 100 100


In conclusion, the WEPAC study has highlighted the challenges facing Rawlins and other cities in Wyoming. The study’s findings underscore the need for comprehensive strategies to address issues such as unemployment, crime, and economic development. The future of these cities hinges on their ability to overcome these challenges and create a more livable environment for their residents.

FAQ’S About Rawlins, Wyoming

Q. Why is Rawlins the worst city to live in Wyoming?

Rawlins is the worst city to live in Wyoming because it has a high unemployment rate, a high crime rate, and a high cost of living. These factors make it difficult for people to find jobs, feel safe, and afford to live in the city.

Q. What is the city government doing to address the problems facing Rawlins?

The city government has created a new economic development program to attract businesses and boost employment opportunities. Additionally, the city has increased funding for law enforcement to curb crime rates.

Q. What are the challenges facing Rawlins?

Rawlins faces a number of challenges, including a weak economy, high crime rates, and a declining population. The city will need to overcome these challenges in order to become a more livable place.

Q. What is the future of Rawlins?

The future of Rawlins is uncertain. The city faces a number of challenges, but it is also home to a number of natural resources and a strong community. The city’s future will depend on its ability to overcome its challenges and capitalize on its strengths.

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