This Floating Restaurant In Indiana Serves Delectable Seafood

What could possibly surpass relishing a plate brimming with delectable seafood? Indulging in such delights aboard a floating restaurant surely elevates the experience. While Indiana might not typically be renowned for its seafood, a delightful floating eatery nestled along the Ohio River is set to redefine that perception. Enter River Watch, an enchanting floating restaurant in Indiana that beckons you to embark on an exceptional culinary journey.

Would you have imagined discovering a hint of tropical bliss right within Indiana’s borders?

River Watch in Indiana endeavors to transplant a slice of the Florida Keys ambiance to the heart of Indiana. Its captivating setting and decor suffused with tropical themes extend a warm invitation to Hoosiers seeking a serene escape on this floating oasis.

Once indoors, River Watch in Lawrenceburg presents itself with an unpretentious charm, accentuated by subtle pirate motifs and vibrant tropical hues.

Mind your steps as you venture towards the outdoor seating—you wouldn’t want an encounter with any colossal fish along the way…

The panoramic view outside is simply breathtaking. Immerse yourself in the proximity of the Ohio River, gently swaying beneath your feet, offering an unparalleled vista.

For seafood enthusiasts, this place is a haven. Explore the array of specialties including shrimp cocktail, crispy catfish, tantalizing castaway crab cakes, and the renowned Key West grouper.

Not a seafood aficionado? Fear not, as their acclaimed gourmet burgers await your palate! Are you a vegetarian? They’ve got you covered with an outstanding black bean burger!

Complement your gastronomic delight with a frosty beer, a glass of wine, or a refreshing soft drink, adding the finishing touch to this extraordinary experience. Sit back, savor your meal, and soak in the breathtaking scenery!

Remember, this remarkable floating restaurant operates only when weather conditions allow.

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