This Small City In Montana Was Named As One Of America’s Coolest Places To Live

Wagswoofs – The team at Thrillist has scoured the nation in search of the most amazing hidden gems that make for an extraordinary place to live, and they’ve singled out a city in Montana.

According to Thrillist, the coolest place to live in Montana is Bozeman.

Bozeman, located in southern Montana amidst the majestic Rocky Mountains, has gained a reputation as one of the most desirable places to live in the United States.

The small city is known for its world-renowned fly fishing, stunning mountainscapes, exhilarating mountain biking, thrilling rock climbing, exhilarating skiing, exciting hunting opportunities, the breathtaking Yellowstone National Park, and a diverse range of wildlife.


Bozeman, the coolest city to live in, has numerous reasons to back up its claim. Apart from its affordable cost of living, breathtaking outdoor attractions, and delightful small-town ambiance, Bozeman boasts a vibrant culture that offers an abundance of things to see, do, and experience.

Bozeman offers a range of must-visit places, including renowned restaurants like Open Range and Plonk. The city also boasts the vibrant Crystal Bar, famous for its neon-lit ambiance. Additionally, the Eagles Club is a popular spot where visitors can enjoy live performances by a 13-piece jazz band.

Open Range

Montana Ale Works, Roost Fried Chicken, and MAP Brewing are also popular choices among locals. MAP Brewing, in particular, stands out for its stunning views of the surrounding lake.

Montana Ale Works, Roost Fried Chicken, and MAP Brewing are also popular choices among locals

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