This weekend, Central Park in NYC will witness the flight of 1,000 drones

On the evening of October 21st, those spending time near Central Park’s Lake will be in for a breathtaking sight as 1,000 drones will take to the sky and create a stunning light show. This celestial display promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

The public art performance named “Franchise Freedom,” is a creation of the Dutch studio DRIFT. The main purpose of the performance, as stated in an official press release, is to delve into the intricate relationship between humans, nature, and technology. The open-air nature of the performance makes it a unique experience for all who attend.

The night will feature a lineup of three 10-minute shows, starting at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm. These shows are free and open to the public, providing everyone with the opportunity to experience them.

According to the organizers, there are several ideal spots to witness the spectacle from different angles. Attendees can choose from multiple sightlines, but the recommended locations for the best viewing experience are as follows:

Some notable attractions in Central Park include Bethesda Fountain, Dead Road, Bandshell and Frisbee Hill, and the Boat Landing and drive overpass on west 77th Street.

The open-air performance was an ambitious project that required five years to complete. It now stands as the largest public artwork to take over Central Park since the iconic installment of “The Gates” by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in 2005. The legendary project consisted of 7,500 vinyl gates, each standing 16 feet tall, featuring saffron-colored fabric panels that lined the park’s paths.

The organizers of “Franchise Freedom” are offering valuable advice to those who plan to attend the event. They suggest downloading the show’s accompanying soundtrack, composed by Joep Beving, to enhance the overall experience of the party.

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