This West Virginia City Ranks Among Places With The Highest Divorce Rate!

Huntington, West Virginia, has consistently ranked among the cities with the highest divorce rates in the United States. According to a 2020 study by 24/7 Wall St., Huntington had a divorce rate of 20.2%, which was significantly higher than the national average of 13.2%. This means that nearly one in five marriages in Huntington ends in divorce. The city’s divorce rate has been consistently high over the years, raising concerns about the underlying factors contributing to this trend.

Here Are Some Factors Contributing To Huntington’s High Divorce Rate:

Socioeconomic Challenges: Huntington faces significant socioeconomic challenges, including a high poverty rate (20.5%) and a high unemployment rate (7.3%). Financial strain and job insecurity can put immense pressure on couples, leading to increased conflict and diminished emotional well-being, both of which can contribute to divorce.

Lack of Social Cohesion: Huntington has a relatively low sense of social cohesion, meaning that individuals may not feel as connected to their communities. This lack of social support can exacerbate marital problems, as couples may not have the networks or resources to effectively navigate challenges and seek help when needed.

Demographics: Huntington’s population is relatively young, with a median age of 32. Younger couples are more likely to experience marital problems than older couples, as they may be less experienced in maintaining healthy relationships and navigating the complexities of married life.

Prevalence of Unmarried Couples: Huntington has a high proportion of unmarried couples (34.8%), reflecting a more accepting attitude towards cohabitation. However, this trend may also increase the risk of divorce, as couples who are not married may not feel as committed to their relationships or have the same legal protections as married couples.

Impact On Individuals And Families

Divorce can have a devastating impact on individuals and families. Emotional turmoil, financial burdens, and disruptions to family dynamics can leave a lasting scar on those involved. Children, particularly, may suffer the consequences of divorce, experiencing emotional distress, behavioral problems, and academic difficulties.

Here Are Some Other Cities In West Virginia With High Divorce Rates:

Parkersburg: Parkersburg has a divorce rate of 18.9%.

South Charleston: South Charleston has a divorce rate of 19.1%.

Martinsburg: Martinsburg has a divorce rate of 18.8%.

Weirton: Weirton has a divorce rate of 18.5%.

Fairmont: Fairmont has a divorce rate of 18.4%.

Charleston: Charleston has a divorce rate of 18.3%


Q: What is the divorce rate in West Virginia?

The overall divorce rate in West Virginia is 18.3%, which is significantly higher than the national average of 13.2%.

Q. What are some of the cities in West Virginia with high divorce rates?

Besides Huntington, several other cities in West Virginia have high divorce rates, including Parkersburg, South Charleston, Martinsburg, Weirton, Fairmont, and Charleston.

Q. What are some of the signs that a marriage may be in trouble?

Some of the signs that a marriage may be in trouble include arguing frequently, feeling unhappy in the relationship, and having difficulty communicating with each other.

Q. What are some things that couples can do to strengthen their marriages?

Some of the things that couples can do to strengthen their marriages include spending quality time together, communicating effectively, and resolving conflict in a healthy way.

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