This West Virginia State City Becomes Battleground in Republican vs Democrat 2024 War

Huntington, West Virginia, is a city of 48,872 people located in the western part of the state. It is the county seat of Cabell County and the third-largest city in West Virginia. Huntington is a major industrial and commercial center, and it is also home to Marshall University.

In recent years, Huntington has become a battleground in the Republican vs Democrat war. The city is located in a swing state, and it is home to a large number of voters who are undecided about which party to support. As a result, both parties are working hard to win over voters in Huntington.

The history of the city and its role in West Virginia politics:

Huntington was founded in 1871 by Collis Huntington, a railroad magnate. The city quickly grew into a major industrial center, and it played an important role in the development of West Virginia. Huntington was also a center of labor activism, and it was the site of a number of strikes and protests in the early 20th century.

In the 1960s, Huntington began to decline as the steel industry in the United States collapsed. The city lost many jobs, and its population began to shrink. However, Huntington has made a comeback in recent years, and it is now a thriving city with a diverse economy.

Huntington has always been a politically important city. In the early 20th century, it was a stronghold for the Republican Party. However, the city began to trend Democratic in the 1930s, and it has been a Democratic stronghold ever since.

The current political climate in the city and the state:

The political climate in Huntington is currently very divided. The city is home to a large number of working-class voters, who are typically supportive of the Democratic Party. However, there is also a growing number of evangelical and conservative voters in Huntington, who are typically supportive of the Republican Party.

The 2020 presidential election was very close in Huntington. Donald Trump won the city by a narrow margin, but Joe Biden won the state of West Virginia by a larger margin.

The impact of the 2024 election on the city:

The 2024 election is likely to be very close in Huntington. Both parties are working hard to win over voters in the city, and it is possible that the city could be the deciding factor in the election.

The outcome of the 2024 election will have a major impact on Huntington. If a Democrat wins, the city is likely to continue to trend Democratic. However, if a Republican wins, the city could become a Republican stronghold once again.


Huntington is a city that is at a crossroads. The city is facing a number of challenges, including economic inequality, crime, and a decline in its population. However, the city also has a number of strengths, including a diverse economy, a strong sense of community, and a rich history.

The outcome of the 2024 election will have a major impact on Huntington. If the city can address its challenges and capitalize on its strengths, it has the potential to become a thriving city for all.

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