Three parole are denied by the board

On October 5th, the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles made a decision to deny parole for three individuals in Butler County. The inmates, namely Jessica Ann Bush, Dexter Rocsalum Burnett, and Ozell Dewaynbe Carter, were convicted of various crimes.

Jessica Ann Bush, who is 45 years old, has been denied parole due to her involvement in two Butler County convictions dating back to October 2018. These convictions include one count of distributing a controlled substance and one count of manufacturing a controlled substance. Currently, Bush is serving out a 16-year sentence at Montgomery Women’s Facility.

Don Reaves, the McKenzie Police Chief, and Pat Jones from the District Attorney Charlotte Tesmer’s office stood up to oppose Bush’s plea. In contrast, Jerry Armstrong, Bush’s mother, appeared before the board to advocate on behalf of her daughter.

The parole hearing date has been rescheduled by the board and is now set for October 2025.

The request for parole by Dexter Rocsalum Burnett, aged 47, has been rejected due to his conviction for possessing/receiving a Class D controlled substance in January. Currently, he is serving an eight-year sentence at the Red Eagle Work Center.

During Burnett’s hearing, there were no individuals present to either endorse or object to his request. As a result, the board was unable to schedule a new hearing date for him.

During the recent board meeting, a parole request from Ozell Dewayne Carter, who was convicted of first-degree theft of property in June, was brought up and subsequently denied. Currently serving a 46-month sentence at Kilby prison, Carter’s plea for parole was not granted.

No specific date was set by the board for Carter’s reset, and there were no petitions submitted either in support or opposition of his parole.

On October 5th, a total of thirty parole hearings took place. Out of those, only five were granted parole, while the rest, a total of 25 were denied.

The board held a total of twelve pardon hearings and made decisions on each case. Out of the twelve, eight were granted parole while the remaining four were denied.

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