Tiktoker Claims Donald Trump Was Kicked Out From NYC Steakhouse Due To Offensive Odor

Wagswoofs – After CNN Senior Political Commentator and former GOP congressman Adam Kinzinger made the claim that Donald Trump has an unpleasant odor, numerous individuals have come forward to share their personal experiences regarding the former president’s smell.

In a TikTok video that went viral, user @bestofajack04 shared a story about the businessman, 77, being asked to leave a Manhattan steakhouse in the ’80s due to multiple complaints about his smell.


“Years ago I posted about Trump being kicked out of Keens Steakhouse in Manhattan , where I was eating with my father in 1983, because his smell was so offensive,” the TikToker alleged.



In 1983, it wasn’t a matter of age, so I wouldn’t make fun of Trump even if he was elderly. That’s not how we operate on the left. Age-related incidents can happen to anyone, but in Trump’s case, he wasn’t elderly.”

According to the social media user, they provided further details on how the incident transpired. They clarified that although they and their father noticed the offensive smell, they chose not to complain about it. However, the tables adjacent to Trump did complain about the smell. Eventually, the restaurant staff had to ask Trump to leave due to the strong odor. The user added, “He left quietly, passing right by us, and the smell lingered.” They also made a statement implying that Trump has had similar incidents in the past.


Several individuals also shared their personal encounters with Trump, sharing their own stories. One individual stated, “Back in 2017, I had the opportunity to work on a project for Trump. I can confirm that there was a distinct unpleasantness surrounding him. Additionally, our company never received payment for the products and services provided, despite sending a 350k invoice.” Another person recalled, “During the ’90s, my neighbor, who worked for him, mentioned hearing similar stories about Trump.”

One individual chimed in, affirming the sentiment by sharing a personal anecdote, stating, “That’s absolutely true. I remember attending an after party in the early ’90s where I caught a whiff of a distinctive odor. At the time, I couldn’t help but think that the individual in question, being incredibly wealthy, simply neglected personal hygiene. While I assume he showers, it appeared that he had no regard for wiping properly. Later that evening, we witnessed him surrounded by people, attempting to embrace women who were clearly uncomfortable and attempting to retreat. In response, my friends and I decided to leave the event after only two hours.”


The hashtag #TrumpSmells continues to trend as more individuals share their own encounters with Trump.

As previously reported by OK!, Kinzinger issued a warning about Trump’s subpar cleaning routine.

Kathy Griffin, in her account, mentioned that she encountered the unpleasant odor during her time on “The Apprentice.”

In a tweet on Thursday, May 4, she expressed, “Oh, God, I never competed as a contestant, but I did take part in two challenges. One was in honor of the late, beloved Joan Rivers. The other one was a result of Trump offering me a substantial amount of money to spend the day with Liza Minnelli and co-host a challenge. Liza and I attempted to disregard him, although it’s hard to ignore his unpleasant odor.”

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