Top 11 Most Liberal Cities In Florida: Updated 2023

According to a recent article from The Hill, Florida is becoming a hub for supporters of the MAGA movement. This sentiment is shared by many, including democratic pollster Fernand Amandi. The disappointment and frustration among liberals in the state have been growing, even before the 2020 presidential election, and have now reached new heights.

It’s a tough time to be a liberal in Florida with Donald Trump securing 51% of the votes, a republican super majority in the legislature, and Governor Ron DeSantis winning by a landslide victory of over 19% against his democratic opponent. For many, it’s not just a challenge, but a potentially dangerous situation to be in.

The policies signed into law by DeSantis have a conservative stance and include:

    • “Don’t say gay” law, which prohibits public school teachers from discussing gender identity and sexual orientation
    • Regulations regarding books in public school libraries
    • A 6-week ban on abortion
    • Voting laws that many say are unfair (and the NAACP is suing the state over)
    • Restrictions on gender-affirming care for minors, bathroom usage, and drag shows

Although the governor claims to be preserving “sanity and normalcy” within the state, numerous individuals argue that this is an infringement on their personal freedom.

If you scratch beneath the surface, Florida is not entirely a conservative state. In fact, there are plenty of towns where liberal-minded people live and thrive. This blog aims to help those who are looking for such places.

Here are the most liberal towns in Florida that we’ve compiled for you. We have ranked these towns based on their overall profile, which takes into account the following factors:

    • Environmental activity
    • Support of the LGBTQ community
    • Diversity of the population
    • Access to higher education
    • Arts scene
    • Access to social services
    • Cultural and ethnic celebration

Here Are The 11 Most Liberal Cities In Florida You Should Consider Living In

11. Coral Springs

Coral Springs

Nestled in the southern region of Florida, Coral Springs was designed to be a well-planned community that blends urban amenities with suburban serenity. The lush greenery of this community is a testament to its commitment to preserving the environment. The town boasts of several nature preserves, parks, and even a wildlife hospital, making it a perfect haven for those who love to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

The arts community in the area is quite extensive, comprising of numerous museums, galleries, and a performing arts center. This diverse artistic scene has the ability to draw people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

With a cultural diversity that includes 38% of the population being white, 29% being black, 22% Hispanic, and 5% Asian, this community offers a plethora of choices and experiences.

The LGBTQ community in this town is fortunate to have the support of the locals, who go out of their way to organize events and offer resources tailored to their needs.

Coral Springs takes the lead with the highest percentage of registered Democrats in Florida, standing at 64%.

10. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is renowned for its exquisite dining options and vibrant nightlife, making it a popular beach town. Additionally, it is highly regarded for its welcoming and inclusive community, which upholds the values of diversity and acceptance.

The arts and entertainment scene in the city is flourishing with a dedicated area that spans 22 blocks. The Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District is home to a plethora of museums, galleries, performing arts centers, and vendors, making it the ideal destination for art enthusiasts and culture lovers.

The Fort Lauderdale community boasts a significant LGBTQ population, and it’s not uncommon to find business owners from the community in the area.

Fort Lauderdale is a bustling town that never runs out of exciting activities. Festivals, parades, craft fairs, and farmers markets are just some of the events you can look forward to. The town’s leaders prioritize community involvement and celebrate its diverse population.

9. Orlando


Disney World, known as the “happiest place on earth”, makes Orlando a popular destination for job seekers, particularly among the younger generation. The performers who work at the theme park tend to be more liberal leaning, adding to the city’s diverse population.

In the recent presidential election, over 60% of Orlando’s population voted democrat, indicating that it is a liberal city. The local politics of Orlando advocate for various grassroots campaigns, such as controlling gun access, improving healthcare for the underprivileged, and promoting economic development and job opportunities.

The city council has taken steps to promote equality and diversity by passing a non-discrimination ordinance. With a population that comprises 38% white, 29% Hispanic, 25% black, and 4% Asian, the city values its diversity and showcases it through various cultural festivals and celebrations.

Orlando is an incredibly inclusive city that actively supports the LGBTQ community through various events, including the popular GayDays Orlando. Moreover, the city boasts a thriving arts scene with numerous art galleries, as well as music, film, and fine arts festivals and fairs.

8. Miami


Miami boasts a rich culture and arts scene, influenced heavily by the Caribbean and Latin communities that have called the city home for decades. It’s worth noting that Miami is home to the third-largest population of Spanish speakers in the United States.

Miami is a hub for education, boasting a plethora of 17 colleges and universities, which attracts a diverse crowd of students and professionals. This multicultural city is known for its progressive and liberal ideals, making it one of the most liberal areas within the state of Florida.

Miami boasts one of the most significant and vibrant LGBTQ communities in the United States. The community is so active that they have their own chamber of commerce that welcomes over 1 million LGBTQ individuals every year. Throughout the year, this organization hosts various events, including The Outshine Film Festival and Winter Party, to celebrate and promote inclusivity. These events are open to everyone, encouraging people to come together and learn from their neighbors.

During the recent presidential election, the majority of Miami residents, precisely 53%, cast their vote in favor of the Democratic party.

7. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city definitely worth considering if you’re in search of a liberal-leaning community with a diverse range of neighborhoods and a lively, inclusive downtown. The city is known for its relaxed atmosphere and welcoming attitude towards people from all cultures.

The city boasts numerous art districts that are home to a variety of art galleries, museums, and distinctive shops. To cater to all residents, there are various regular events such as cultural heritage festivals and the annual Pride Parade in June.

The town organizes the Saturday Morning Market every week, with the intention of fostering a sense of community among its residents. This event offers a variety of fun-filled activities and festivities, providing an opportunity for neighbors to come together and interact with one another.

St. Petersburg, known for its political balance, is a warm and inclusive community that values and embraces diversity.

6. Key West

Key West

Key West has always been a magnet for versatile and imaginative individuals, thanks to its serene and calming ambiance. Throughout history, the region has attracted a diverse array of people, including poets, writers, cigar craftsmen, painters, entertainers, and culinary experts. Key West has always been a hospitable place, welcoming everyone with open arms.

Florida’s LGBTQ community has a strong presence in this city, which made history by electing the state’s first openly gay mayor.

The keys are highly valued in this town and as such, there is a strong emphasis on environmental conservation and sustainable tourism practices. The community is known for its civic-mindedness and has established a senior citizen plaza to cater to the needs of its older residents and keep them engaged. Additionally, a community service team is active in ensuring that the town remains clean, attractive, and safe for all its residents.

In the past, it was perceived as a sanctuary for those with liberal views due to its isolated location. However, nowadays, it attracts individuals who seek a place where they can freely express themselves and be accepted.

5. Tampa


Tampa, a bustling city situated on the Gulf Coast of Florida, boasts of a diverse range of industries that provide ample employment opportunities to individuals with different levels of skills and educational backgrounds.

With a strong commitment to environmental protection, the city has implemented various programs aimed at reducing carbon emissions and improving water quality and sustainability. Additionally, the city boasts a vibrant arts scene that draws in many free thinkers.

Throughout the year, Tampa hosts a variety of annual events that aim to celebrate its diverse population. These events include activities for Pride month and celebrations for Hispanic heritage month, among others. In addition, Tampa has demonstrated its dedication to progressive values by electing an openly gay and female mayor.

Ensuring a robust education system and accessible healthcare for all residents is a top priority in this region.

4. Coral Gables

Coral Gables

Coral Gables, a city with a population of more than 48,000, boasts a thriving arts community, stunning historic architecture, and ample green space. Situated on the outskirts of Miami, the city is renowned for its commitment to environmental preservation and energy conservation.

The town takes its commitment to the environment seriously and has established a Green Task Force. This team is dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness of the numerous parks and waterways, promoting sustainable living, and educating the community on protecting the environment.

The University of Miami, renowned for its focus on progressive issues, is located in Coral Gables. The city also hosts a large number of individuals with liberal ideals who are employed by the university. Furthermore, over 200 regional headquarters for businesses from Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean are located in Coral Gables.

Residents of Coral Gables not only enjoy a culturally diverse community but also plenty of job opportunities. Moreover, Coral Gables has earned the reputation of being one of the most LGBTQ-friendly communities in Florida.

3. Tallahassee


Florida’s state capital boasts 9 universities, including Florida State, making it one of the most liberal areas in the state. The community is predominantly composed of young college students and professors who work at the various institutions.

The majority of individuals in both of these groups tend to have liberal views. Furthermore, the population is significantly diverse, consisting of 34% black individuals, 5% Hispanic, and 4% Asian. Notably, they have received a flawless rating on the Human Rights Campaign equality index, which is largely attributed to their efforts to create a welcoming environment for members of the LGBTQ community.

Tallahassee takes pride in hosting an annual week-long Pridefest every spring, which celebrates both its residents and visitors. The town council actively encourages civic involvement and youth leadership throughout the festivities. Additionally, Railroad Square, a 10-acre area in town, is solely dedicated to promoting the arts.

2. Delray Beach

Delray Beach

Delray has always been a pretty beach town with lovely beaches and ocean views, but it was only sometimes a place where people could freely think. Delray Beach has had a rough past, but it is quickly becoming one of the most open places in Florida. An official in the city once told gay workers they couldn’t get certain perks.

Thank goodness, that ended thanks to the hard work of a determined group. Part of the party was painting a big Pride flag on the street in The Pineapple Grove Arts area.

The beachfront neighbourhood also puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability and protecting the earth. They even have an office for sustainability that teaches people about saving energy, protecting the environment, and keeping the water clean.

The town also helps people who are trying to get better from drug use disorders. There are a lot of rehab centres and sober houses in Delray, but most towns don’t want them there.

56% of people in the area chose Democrat in the last presidential election.

1. Winter Park

Winter Park

Surprisingly, this cute town of only 30,000 people is at the top. They may be small but big in heart, culture, and acceptance.

Rollins College, one of the best private schools in the country, is in this town. There are a lot of liberal students and faculty there, which helps bring attention to social problems and offers different points of view.

Winter Park has four world-class museums and an art event every year. This small town’s LGBTQ community does very well. As part of the town’s Pride Month Project, they plan events.

Most people who live there work together to ensure that everyone who lives there or visits feels safe and welcome.

Over 60% of people living in Winter Park voted blue in the 2020 election.


The state of Florida has a lot of places where liberal people can live, as you can see. Whether you want the exciting life of a city like Miami or the calm life of a small town like Winter Park. In Florida, you can find progressive places that value difference and welcome everyone.

FAQs On The Most Liberal Cities In Florida

1. Which city in Florida leans most politically liberal?

Examining voting statistics reveals that Tallahassee, the state capital, holds the title of the most politically liberal city in Florida. Over 60% of its residents voted Democrat in the 2020 presidential election, and Tallahassee has consistently leaned Democratic in every presidential election since 2000.

2. Is Florida predominantly Republican or Democratic?

Florida is generally a Republican-leaning state. While there are towns where the Democratic Party holds a majority in politics, the majority of the state, including the state legislature and governor’s office, is governed by the Republican Party. Additionally, a significant majority of Florida’s voters are registered Republicans.

3. What percentage of Florida identifies as Republican?

According to the Florida Division of Elections, there are 5.2 million registered Republicans in the state, representing over 51% of total voters in the 2020 election.

4. Which coastal town in Florida is considered the most liberal?

Delray Beach claims the title of the most liberal coastal town in Florida, owing to its dedication to environmental protection, vibrant arts scene, community-based programs, and celebration of diversity.

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