Trump Criticizes Fraud Suit Judge’s Law Clerk on Truth Social Mid-Trial, Referring to Her as ‘Schumer’s Girlfriend

As captured in the photograph by Anthony Behar/Sipa USA, former U.S. President Donald Trump returned from a brief hiatus to speak to media members upon arrival at the Manhattan Supreme Court in New York, NY, on the second day of his Civil Fraud Trial on October 3, 2023. On Truth Social, Trump shared a post about presiding Justice Arthur’s law clerk.

During his New York fraud civil trial, former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to target Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron’s principal law clerk, Allison Greenfield. Trump referred to Greenfield as Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D) “girlfriend” and even shared a photo of Greenfield and Schumer on Instagram. Despite the controversy surrounding his comments, Trump stands by his actions.

In a recent post, the individual expressed their dismay towards the involvement of Alison R. Greenfield, who happens to be Schumer’s girlfriend, in their case. They stated that it is disgraceful and demanded for an immediate dismissal of the case.

Legal experts anticipate that this move by Trump will likely ignite further discussions about gag orders, similar to the ones brought up during his federal criminal case for his Jan. 6 involvement. Despite this, the former president is continuing to post about Allison Greenfield, even sharing a photo of her with Schumer, the Senate’s top Democrat, in an attempt to signal to his supporters that they, along with New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) and Judge Engoron (D), are utilizing political tactics to dismantle his family business.

After the Truth Social post, Trump’s intentions were brought into question. However, he quickly dispelled any doubts by calling even more attention to the post outside the courthouse. He even went as far as to proclaim it as evidence of a “witch hunt.”

Trump expressed his disdain towards the recent news about Schumer and the principal clerk, stating that it was a disgraceful act.

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The $250 million civil fraud lawsuit against Trump has irked him and his supporters, as he is set to face a bench trial before a judge he has criticized as being “ROGUE, OUT OF CONTROL, TRUMP HATING JUDGE.” However, the judge emphasized on Monday that neither Trump nor his lawyers, Christopher Kise and Alina Habba, had requested a jury trial, as stated in this source.

It’s highly likely that in the event of a jury trial, Trump would argue that he wouldn’t receive a fair trial in liberal Manhattan.

Last week, Engoron’s partial summary judgment favored James and found that the former president had exaggerated his net worth by billions of dollars. According to James’ experts, the value of his Trump Tower triplex apartment was overestimated by a factor of three.

According to Engoron, the aforementioned action can only be classified as fraudulent.

In his ruling on the summary judgment, Engoron held Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and the Trump Organization accountable for fraud. Furthermore, he canceled business certificates, appointed retired Judge Barbara S. Jones as an independent monitor for the Trump Organization, and directed the parties involved in the case to suggest no more than three potential independent receivers to oversee the dissolution of the canceled LLCs.

In a recent post on Truth Social, Trump labeled Letitia James as a “RACIST” and reiterated his belief that the judge has failed to comply with the appellate court’s decision, which, according to him, invalidated the majority of the case. Trump’s comments suggest that he remains steadfast in his stance regarding the ongoing legal battle.

On Monday, the ex-president expressed his satisfaction with the trial’s progress, stating that the judge will be following the Appellate Court’s unanimous decision on the Statute of Limitations. He described it as a positive development, reducing the case’s scope by almost 80%.

According to courtroom reports, the judge rejected the claim that he had reversed his decision on the statute of limitations issue. The judge stated that the use of a false statement of financial condition in business would start the statute of limitations running again. This came after the judge was accused of derailing a fraud case brought by the New York attorney general against former President Trump. The judge’s decision was reportedly made on Tuesday and was communicated by Adam Klasfeld.

According to reports, the judge recognized that the Trump team plans to appeal regarding the matter.

As we were composing this article, the Greenfield post that was previously available on Trump’s Truth Social feed suddenly vanished. However, we managed to retrieve the original version, which is presented below:

In response to Trump’s comments about the clerk, a gag order was issued by Engoron in the trial on Tuesday.

According to reports, the judge issued a statement that can be interpreted as a gag order, preventing anyone involved from discussing his staff publicly.

During a recent interview, Engoron disclosed that he had requested Trump to remove the social media post in question.

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