Two Black-owned Restaurants In Texas Got Great Reviews From Keith Lee, Now Business Is Booming.

Wagswoofs –  Last month, food critic Keith Lee made waves on TikTok when he visited restaurants in Atlanta and shared his less-than-enthusiastic reviews, especially when it came to the service at certain establishments in the city. These reviews sparked a lot of conversation on social media, especially after celebrities like Cardi B chimed in and agreed with Lee’s assessment. Some people, particularly those who are from Atlanta, were concerned that these negative reviews might have a negative impact on local Black-owned businesses and had other grievances.

Lee is once again making waves, but this time, he is harnessing his influential abilities for a noble cause.

Blavity reports that Lee recently visited a dessert shop called The Puddery in Pearland, Texas. The Puddery’s owner, Janel Prator, took to Instagram over the weekend to share a video where she opened up about the challenges her business has been facing.

“There are moments when I find myself with just two customers, and there are occasions when I struggle to cover my bills,” Prator tearfully revealed. “I took the leap of faith not once, but twice, leaving behind my job and the security it offered. I sacrificed my career and the benefits that came with it, all because I had a dream.”

After Lee visited the shop, everything changed. Prator described it as “an opportunity of a lifetime for a business like mine.” Lee not only gave The Puddery a fantastic review, but he also left a generous tip to show his appreciation for the delicious food and excellent service he received.

According to  Blavity:

As Blavity previously reported, Lee announced on Nov. 19 that he was planning to make a stop in Houston. When he got word of Prator’s story, Lee visited The Puddery in Pearland, located just outside of Houston. Lee fell in love with the shop’s desserts and left a $2,000 tip, the Houston Chronicle reported. A day after Lee’s visit to the shop, customers flocked to Prator’s business and formed long lines outside to try her sugary-sweet creations.In his TikTok clip, which received nearly 9 million views, Lee showed love for Prator’s Oreo “Croffle” and signature banana pudding, saying he’s “not even a sweets person” but calling his visit to The Puddery “immaculate.”

“I’m not really a fan of sweets, but this is absolutely amazing. I have to admit, I’m speechless. I don’t say this often,” Lee exclaimed in his TikTok video. The Puddery, on the other hand, experienced a surge in customers the following day, with lines extending out the door.

Lee’s positive influence extended beyond The Puddery, as other Black-owned businesses in Texas also benefited from his endorsement. One such establishment was Cool Runnings, a Jamaican restaurant located in southwest Houston. Lee raved about the restaurant’s brown stew chicken, giving it a perfect score of 10 out of 10. He described it as “some of the best food in Houston” and emphasized the city’s wide variety of culinary options, stating that Houston offers an extensive selection of diverse and delicious food.

According to reports, Lee discovered that the tip jar at the restaurant had been stolen. In a generous act, he decided to replace the stolen money with a $1,000 tip. Not only that, but he also went a step further and paid for the orders of everyone in line.

Meanwhile, residents of Houston who were already familiar with Cool Runnings have expressed their concerns, some in a lighthearted manner and others more seriously, that the restaurant will now be constantly crowded.

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