Two suspects arrested and 800 fentanyl pills seized following a carjacking incident at Taco Bell, according to OKCPD.

According to the latest update, a local Taco Bell witnessed a tense situation, and the Oklahoma City Police Department has confirmed that two individuals have been taken into custody.

As per the police report, the victim recounted that he was approached by two men inquiring about pills. However, things took a sudden and unpleasant turn when the suspects brandished a gun and coerced him into the back seat in a carjacking incident.

After the incident, the perpetrators quickly made their escape but eventually stopped and allowed their victim to exit the vehicle. The victim, shaken by the experience, returned to Taco Bell and promptly informed the authorities of the ordeal.

According to law enforcement officials, the perpetrators were apprehended shortly after the incident. One of the suspects was found to be carrying a firearm, while the other was in possession of over 800 pills suspected to be fentanyl.

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