‘Unite for Israel’ march in New Jersey draws thousands

Amid the ongoing fighting between Israel and Palestine, rallies supporting both sides have been taking place across the Tri-State area.

Thousands of people gathered in Essex County, New Jersey on a Sunday afternoon for a ‘Unite for Israel’ march. The turnout was overwhelming, and the crowd was filled with enthusiasm and support for the cause.

Numerous community groups from various parts of New Jersey came together to express their support to Israel and pray for a swift resolution to the ongoing conflicts, hoping for a lasting peace.

The streets of Livingston were adorned with a serene river of blue and white, which flowed peacefully through the area while being closely monitored by the local police.

According to Dov Ben-Shimon, the CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey, the focus now is on freeing Gaza and putting an end to Hamas once and for all.

Amongst the masses of people stood a remarkable individual named Mark Schonwetter, who at 89 years old, has survived the horrors of the Holocaust.

Schonwetter expressed the unimaginable struggles he had to endure and the current situation which deeply troubles him. “It’s beyond comprehension for anyone to experience what I have gone through and witness what’s happening now. It truly upsets me,” he shared.

Over twenty-five synagogues and community organizations from the area came together and although their faiths may differ, their message is the same.

Abby Bruss, a resident of Rockaway, Queens, emphasized the significance of showing support to those who are thousands of miles away. She believes that letting them know they are not alone is crucial.

Stewart Gisser from Livingston expressed his appreciation, stating, “I am pleased that they are standing by our side.”

On Sunday, a different kind of appeal was made, this time not for physical goods but for monetary donations that will be specifically allocated for medical supplies.

Darla Miles reports that a man hailing from the Upper East Side has decided to join the Israeli Defense Forces to serve his duty.

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