Unpaid Parker Convicted For Kidnapping Threat And Assault Of DPW Worker Towing Vehicle In Dc: Federal Authorities

Wagswoofs –  Antoine Nicholson, 34, has been found guilty of multiple charges after a trial for making threats against government employees during an incident on U Street in August when he was about to be towed, federal authorities have announced.

In the 2100 block of 10th Street NW, in the early hours of Saturday, Aug. 12, prosecutors disclosed that Nicholson had illegally parked his vehicle in a no-parking zone. The vehicle had accumulated over $3,000 in unpaid parking tickets and had expired tags. This incident triggered a chain of events that might result in his imprisonment.

While patrolling the area, two DPW parking enforcement officers came across an illegally parked vehicle. They decided to impound it due to the outstanding tickets. This action taken by the officers didn’t sit well with Nicholson.

According to officials, Nicholson stopped them midway through the tow and began cursing at them. When the officers explained to him why his car was being taken away, Nicholson went inside the driver’s side of the vehicle, took out a handgun, and “threatened to ‘bust’ the victim.”

The police caught Nicholson about half a mile away from the scene after he fled.

On Friday, December 15, he was found guilty of several charges, including intimidating, impeding, interfering with, and retaliating against a government official. He was also convicted of assault and making threats to injure or kidnap someone.

Nicholson is set to be sentenced in March. During the sentencing, he will potentially face up to 20 years in prison and a $50,000 fine for the kidnapping charge.

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