Unregistered firearms found at authorized child care center in East Harlem

According to an announcement made by Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD officials on Wednesday afternoon, operational East Harlem day care was found to have ghost guns and 3D printers. This discovery has raised concerns about the safety and security of the facility and those who use it.

During a recent investigation, detectives executed search warrants at a licensed day care located on East 117th Street. To their surprise, they uncovered a ghost gun printing operation being conducted on the premises.

According to authorities, a team of individuals, including minors, were caught purchasing ghost guns and 3D printing materials from online retailers. It is suspected that they acquired the necessary guides for making these weapons on the internet. The investigation began with this group and their illegal activities.

After obtaining warrants, three people were arrested, including two minors, and a number of 3D-printed firearms were recovered. It was discovered that two of the weapons were loaded with live ammunition.

NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban urged parents to take action today and monitor their children’s internet activities closely. He also directed his message towards those who believe that printing 3D guns is the way to go. “We are talking to you too. Please understand that you are wrong,” he emphasized. It’s time to be responsible and take action to prevent the proliferation of dangerous weapons.

According to the latest reports, an 18-year-old individual named Karon Coley has been accused of producing ghost guns by utilizing a 3D printer inside his mother’s residence located in East Harlem. Interestingly, his mother also runs a day care from the same location.

Upon inspection of the day care center, authorities discovered a range of items related to 3D printing, including a 3D printer, plastic filament, and 3D printing tools. They also found two fully assembled 3D printed firearms, one assault pistol in the final stages of assembly, and an extra 3D printed lower receiver. In addition, there were reportedly fraudulently obtained credit cards on the premises.

According to Rebecca Weiner, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism, ghost guns and 3-D printed firearms can be just as deadly as commercial firearms when crafted properly. Even in the hands of teenagers, these weapons have the potential to cause significant harm and destruction.

Coley faced several serious charges, including criminal possession of a loaded firearm, manufacture of a machine gun, and manufacture of a rapid-fire modified device. In addition, he was charged with manufacturing a dangerous instrument, criminal possession of three or more firearms, criminal possession of an assault rifle, and criminal possession of an ammunition clip. To make matters worse, he was also charged with acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17. These charges were nothing to take lightly and could have serious consequences.

On Wednesday night, he was presented before the court and charged with a crime. The bail amount was decided at $350,000 in cash or $500,000 in bond.

Adams raised a concerning point about the potential danger of a young adult having access to a 3D printer in their room. “You have an 18-year-old with a 3D printer who may not be using it to create harmless robotic toys, but instead, may be producing firearms,” he stated. This highlights the importance of monitoring and regulating the use of such technology to prevent any potential harm.

The current situation remains unclear regarding whether or not charges will be filed against Coley’s mother.

Adams expressed deep sorrow for a situation where a parent believes they are leaving their child in a secure place, only to discover that the environment is hazardous, and someone is manufacturing firearms within the premises.

In February 2021, the day care received its license to operate and underwent an inspection earlier this year. The inspection resulted in the identification of three violations that needed to be addressed.

Just shy of two weeks since the incident involving the hospitalization of four young children who had been exposed to opioids at a Bronx daycare, law enforcement officials have announced a major drug bust. Sadly, one-year-old Nicholas Dominici, one of the victims from the daycare incident, did not survive the exposure.

During the investigation, law enforcement officers discovered illegal substances hidden beneath a trap door, as well as a kilogram of fentanyl that was stored in close proximity to mats used by children for sleeping. Additionally, they uncovered various tools utilized by drug dealers for blending drugs and forming them into bricks.

In discussing another case where children were in a perilous situation, Adams expressed that it did not bring him any pleasure to do so.

Adams emphasized the importance of reassuring parents who drop off their children at day care centers that safety measures will always be in place. He stated that vigilance will be maintained and rules will continue to be modified to stay ahead of potential threats. The ultimate goal is to ensure that children are protected from any harm in their daycare environments.

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