Viral online videos feature female police officer displaying dance moves underground

This talented artist is known as New York’s Finest . . . dancer.

An enthusiastic rookie police officer, exuding confidence, has caused a stir online with three dance videos that have gone viral. In one of the videos, she can be seen grooving to the beat next to a person who had jumped over a turnstile. This has sparked a debate among the viewers.

In a choreographed video, Police Officer Josefa Familia is seen dancing in her complete uniform with a man who appears to be in on the joke. The man is shown leaping over a subway turnstile in front of her before paying the fare, and Officer Familia joins him in a dance routine.

@almightyarcher’s video, which has amassed 195,000 views since its Thursday posting, features the duo dancing to Rihanna’s hit track “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want.”

As captured in the video, the individual leaps over the barrier while Familia, who is 36 years old, strolls by and joins in the dancing with the lawbreaker.

In a separate video, Familia can be seen assisting a man who is sporting MSCHF’s expensive $350 Big Red Boots. The man pretends to trip up a set of stairs in a subway station, and Familia rushes to his aid, helping him up. The two then proceed to dance to the tune of Gabriela Bee’s song “Highs & Lows,” with the energy of the moment captured perfectly on camera.

The third video shows Familia confidently strutting up a few subway steps and breaking into dance with a man, right in front of a male police officer. The upbeat hip-hop track “Can’t FWM” by Big Boss Vette sets the perfect mood for their impromptu dance-off, which concludes with a friendly high-five exchanged between the man and the officers.

The reviews for her dancing debut were a mix of positive and negative feedback.

A user by the name of BernardFrancis239 expressed their gratitude towards the officer by stating that she is spreading love. They also wished her safety and blessings.

The police officer was caught off guard and surprised by something unexpected, causing a shock reaction. The TikTok video featuring this moment has gained popularity with the hashtags #fyp and #dredadancer.


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According to Bodegaboy, there is a need for more police officers like her.

User Creativeambitionz simply wrote, “Nothing but good vibes.”

However, not all of her fellow police officers were supportive of her actions.

According to a disgruntled Manhattan police officer, there is growing frustration over individuals filming choreographed videos while commuting and neglecting their work responsibilities, leading to safety hazards in the subway. The officer expressed concern over the potential harm caused to others and emphasized the distinction between being in community affairs versus working overtime in the subway.

When contacted via phone, Familia, who has been in her current position for a little over a year, confirmed her presence in the videos but declined to provide any further comments.

According to police sources, Familia’s station is at the 24th Precinct in the Upper West Side. As per the online records, she earned a salary of $42,500 in the previous year.

One police officer from the Bronx expressed disgust at the behavior of an on-duty colleague who was making videos on social media while others were out on patrol, risking their lives to protect the citizens of New York. It’s hard to fathom how someone could prioritize social media over their duty to serve and protect the public.

Retired NYPD Lt. John Macari expressed his opinion on X, previously known as Twitter, stating that while he is in favor of having fun at work, the current situation is becoming a bit too extreme.

The hashtag #almightyarcher took center stage as she stole the spotlight 🔥😂. Check out the TikTok link here to see what all the fuss is about.

According to sources from the police department, the officer was relocated due to the videos. However, a spokesperson from the NYPD clarified that the officer was not facing any disciplinary action or trouble.

The spokeswoman confirmed that they have seen the video and stated that there will be no disciplinary action taken against the officer.

It remains unclear whether the officer who made the videos was transferred following the incident or if she had received prior approval. The videos themselves could potentially be part of a larger effort by the NYPD to portray subway officers in a more approachable and friendly light. However, the spokeswoman declined to provide any further details at this time.

According to Joseph Giacalone, an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and retired NYPD sergeant, the department’s policy was breached by the videos.

According to the expert, appearing on social media while wearing a uniform without authorization is considered unprofessional. He emphasized that unless there has been a significant policy change, it is not allowed. This is particularly crucial given the increase in crime in transit in recent years.

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