Volunteers In Clarksville Have Been Asked To Pause Clean-up Efforts Due To An Overwhelming Response

Wagswoofs –  Less than 48 hours after a devastating tornado tore through Clarksville, a remarkable display of community spirit unfolded as over 900 volunteers joined forces on Monday morning to aid in the recovery efforts.

County officials have asked volunteers assisting with cleanup efforts to temporarily halt their work until debris can be cleared by professional crews. Mosaic Church has announced that it will resume its debris clearing activities on Thursday.

On Monday morning, the Mosaic Church transformed into a bustling command center. Dedicated volunteers eagerly accepted donations, distributed food, and provided assistance in the cleanup efforts. Situated less than a mile from Hand Estates, the very location where a tornado touched down on Saturday afternoon, the church played a crucial role in providing aid to the affected community.

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System dispatched buses to the church, ferrying volunteers across Purple Heart Highway and into the most severely affected regions.

Mosaic Church Next Gen Pastor Aron Maberry mentioned that as of last night, they had 900 people who signed up for the cause. However, he believes that the number has exceeded 1,000 by now, considering the increasing number of people who have either come to the site or expressed their willingness to assist throughout the week. Witnessing such a remarkable response from the community has been an emotional experience for Pastor Aron. He expressed his gratitude for the unity and compassion demonstrated by the community members, emphasizing their willingness to come together and support their neighbors, truly embodying the concept of being the hands and feet of their community.

Many homes on Calvert and Lewter Drive were left uninhabitable, filled with debris and downed powerlines. Dozens of volunteers stepped in to help with the cleanup and recovery efforts.

“I was really excited to assist, you know, reaching out to people to find out when I could go and what the schedules were like. It means a great deal,” expressed James Cook, a soldier from Fort Campbell.

Christine Willison found herself in a distressing situation when the storm struck. She vividly remembers being at work at that time, far away from her beloved pets. Among her cherished companions were five dogs, two cats, two ferrets, four rats, and a lizard.

Christine vividly recalled the moment when the weather cleared, and her boss drove her as close as possible to the neighborhood. However, all the roads were completely blocked, making it impossible for any vehicle to enter. Determined to reach her destination, Christine alighted from the vehicle and began an arduous journey on foot, running tirelessly towards her goal.

Two medics from the First Brigade came to her aid, offering her a ride in their truck to reach her stranded animals. Christine expressed her gratitude and wanted to personally thank Logan Fletcher and Thomas Melia from Unit 1 Brigade 1506 for their assistance.

“We were driving through yards, doing our best to get as close to the house as possible,” Christine recounted. “Finally, my mom made it over and we successfully broke into the house. Our main priority was ensuring the safety of our dogs, so we managed to rescue them without any harm. Regrettably, we had to leave behind the other animals that were still inside. However, we returned the following day to rescue them as well.”

Claudia, her mother, vividly recalls the anxiety she felt as she waited out the storm at the grocery store, desperately wanting to return home and ensure her daughter’s safety.

“It was an indescribable experience,” Claudia expressed, reflecting on the surreal nature of witnessing a disaster movie come to life. “The sheer terror that engulfed me was truly overwhelming. I cannot emphasize enough just how frightening it was.”

Claudia shared that she received assistance from a man named Dave, who guided her through a dense forest to reach her daughter’s house.

Claudia, filled with worry and uncertainty, was desperate to locate her daughter. She ventured into the dense woods, accompanied by the sounds of rustling animals. As they made their way through the trees, Claudia’s anxiety intensified. However, when she caught sight of the house, her emotions overwhelmed her, leading to tears and a frantic run towards her destination.

Christine expressed that her house is completely destroyed. Her husband, who is currently serving in the military and stationed abroad, is in the process of making urgent arrangements to return home temporarily due to the emergency situation.

Both Christine and Claudia expressed their gratitude towards the volunteers who lent a helping hand in the cleanup efforts on Monday. They also extended their appreciation to those who aided them in rescuing their trapped animals.

Claudia expressed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who had offered assistance and support, emphasizing the unity of the Clarksville community in times of need. She acknowledged the significance of their collective efforts, highlighting how it had made a tremendous impact and held great importance to her.

Maberry expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from various organizations and individuals who have extended their help.

Convoy of Hope, a Missouri-based organization, arrived to provide assistance, along with Mercy Chefs and various other nonprofits.

Mosaic Church is gearing up to resume their cleanup efforts on Thursday. If you’re interested in lending a hand or if you find yourself in need of assistance, you can conveniently visit their website for more information. Don’t forget to bring work gloves and wear suitable footwear when joining the debris-clearing team.

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