WalletHub ranks 2 Alabama cities among America’s worst ‘Foodie Cities.’

Are you someone who loves to explore different cuisines and taste unique flavors? If yes, then you might be a foodie! Recently, Alabama was in the news for its remarkable food culture. According to KOIN and NEXSTAR, it is one of the best places for foodies to explore and savor delicious dishes.

A recent study conducted by WalletHub has revealed that if you’re planning to visit Alabama, there are certain cities that you may want to steer clear of.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, has compiled a list of over 180 of America’s most populous cities, ranking them in terms of their “foodie-friendliness.” The website used various metrics related to accessibility, diversity, and quality to determine each city’s rank. Additionally, the list takes into account the affordability of dining options and groceries, highlighting not only the tastiest but also the most affordable “Foodie Cities in America” according to WalletHub.

At the lower end of the rankings, cities didn’t perform well in any category. Pearl City, Hawaii, ranked last in affordability at #182 and didn’t fare much better in accessibility, diversity, and quality at #178. As a result, it received a weighted average score of 25.24, placing it at the very bottom of the list.

According to the study, Montgomery (#178) and Mobile (#177) in Alabama ranked relatively low. Montgomery, in particular, was noted for having a dearth of diversity and accessibility in terms of dining options and grocery stores. In addition, the city ranked second to last in the nation for the ratio of full-service restaurants to fast-food establishments, which also impacted the quality of dining options.

When it came to grocery and dining expenses, Mobile was found to have some of the most expensive options, making it difficult for residents to afford these necessities.

The 10 worst ‘Foodie Cities,’ according to WalletHub:

Ranking City Score
182 Pearl City, Hawaii 25.24
181 Shreveport, Louisiana 31.37
180 Nampa, Idaho 32.18
179 West Valley City, Utah 32.56
178 Montgomery, Alabama 33.05
177 Mobile, Alabama 33.47
176 Moreno Valley, California 33.72
175 Jackson, Mississippi 34.79
174 Fontana, California 35.05
173 Augusta, Georgia 35.47

Surprisingly, Orlando, Florida takes the top spot on the list due to its accessibility, diversity, and quality of life. The city boasts a large number of highly-rated restaurants, ice cream parlors, coffee shops, and specialty food stores. However, the city’s affordability score ranked lower compared to other factors, placing it at #108 out of the total 182 cities studied. This brought its weighted average score down to 69.38 out of a possible 100.

Despite tough competition from other foodie-friendly cities like Portland, Sacramento, Miami, and San Francisco, Orlando managed to secure the top spot with an impressive score. WalletHub’s “Foodie Cities” ranking placed Orlando at the forefront with a score higher than 68.19. Other cities that made it to the top 10 include Tampa, San Diego, Las Vegas, Austin, and Seattle. With such high scores, it’s clear that these cities are a haven for food enthusiasts looking for a diverse and vibrant culinary scene.

The 10 best ‘Foodie Cities,’ according to WalletHub:

Ranking City Score
1 Orlando, Florida 69.38
2 Portland, Oregon 68.19
3 Sacramento, California 67.62
4 Miami, Florida 66.92
5 San Francisco, California 66.03
6 Tampa, Florida 64.84
7 San Diego, California 63.90
8 Las Vegas, Nevada 63.66
9 Austin, Texas 63.27
10 Seattle, Washington 62.17

WalletHub’s latest “Foodie Cities” rankings aimed to encompass metropolitan areas from across the United States. The list of 182 cities included the top 150 most populous cities, with an additional 32 included to guarantee representation from at least two of the largest municipalities in each state. Even states like Wyoming, which lack cities among the top 150 most populous in the country, were represented with two entries on the list.

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