What is a Colorado Mountain Dog?

The Colorado Mountain Dog is a breed that’s only been around since 2005 but has quickly
turned out to be amongst the most sought after livestock guardian dogs (LGD). Not only are they exceptional at blending in and protecting livestock from predators, but they’re also accepting and loving towards complete strangers, especially the mailman. Colorado Mountain Dogs are easy to train and do their job well. Here’s more of what you can expect from this breed.

We live in Colorado with our shelter pup and were intrigued when we first heard of this breed of dog. So, we did some research and are sharing this information here. Mountain bikers often run into Great Pyrenees looking after livestock. It is always best to steer clear, as may also be the case with Colorado Mountain Dogs as they become more popular.

A Colorado Mountain Dog is a unique breed known for its fluffy white fur, and ability to protect livestock.

The Appearance of the Colorado Mountain Dog

The Colorado Mountain Dog is truly a beautiful animal, with a white fluffy coat and bushy curled up tail. They stand tall and proud with strong hind legs and a medium-sized chest. On average they stand at 30 to 34 inches in height and typically weigh between 110 and 150 pounds. It’s not uncommon for them to be mistaken for an oversized Golden Retriever. They have fluffy, but easy to maintain hair, and have less drool.

Breed Makeup of the Colorado Mountain Dog

Breeders use 3 different breeds to create the unique characteristics and favorable traits of the Colorado Mountain Dog. Great Pyrenees, Hungarian Kuvasz, and the Anatolian Shepherd dog were the original breeds that brought about the desirable LGD skills, along with being family-friendly. These are two characteristics that are not typically shared amongst most LGD breeds.

Colorado Mountain Dogs are bred from Great Pyrenees, Hungarian Kuvasz, and the Anatolian Shepherd dog.

Traits of the Colorado Mountain Dog

Colorado Mountain Dogs are bred for their calm temperament, especially around children and strangers, and are found to be extremely obedient. The breed is also wired to be strong and protective of livestock, with a loud and intimidating bark to scare away any lurking predators. The dog is not overactive around livestock, but rather mellow and blends in incredibly well with them. While their bark is certainly a strong warning, they do not excessively bark as some breeds do. They usually wander across the property but won’t get too far off.

How to Exercise a Colorado Mountain Dog

The main job of a Colorado Mountain Dog requires them to roam throughout the property while keeping an eye out for predators. That uses a lot of energy and keeps them fit. If you are thinking about having a Colorado Mountain Dog as a loyal companion, just be aware that they’ll need plenty of regular exercises, whether it’s taking them for walks or playing in the dog park to keep them in shape.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Colorado Mountain Dog, you should expect to pay upwards of $800 to $1000 to do so. You shouldn’t find it too difficult to track them down. In only a few short years of breeding, the Colorado Mountain Dog can be found in most states across the country.

The breed has only been around for 15 years, so there are very little health information and concerns that we know about at this point. They are family-oriented and are extremely protective of livestock at the same time. This adorable canine will certainly be a wonderful addition to a dog lover’s home, or to have in order to protect the livestock on your land.

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