What Police Say About The Double Shooting That Killed The 42-year-old Woman And IFD Firefighter

Wagswoofs – According to court records, the brother of an Indianapolis firefighter has been charged with killing the first responder and a 42-year-old woman who was found inside a crashed pickup on Monday.

Jason Dante Lapsley, 52, has been taken into custody by Indianapolis police on two counts of murder following the shooting incident. According to recently submitted court documents, Lapsley, who was a passenger in the GMC Sierra, informed his relatives that he believed the pickup truck was being stolen, leading him to fire the shots that tragically claimed the lives of Justin Boyd II, 45, and Jasmine Ivy-Dede, 42.

Boyd had almost completed his tenth year in the fire department when he was tragically killed. Ivy-Dede, on the other hand, had a diverse professional background, working in health care administration as well as law and public affairs, as stated on her LinkedIn page. She was recognized for her talents in 2015 and was chosen for the Bose McKinney & Evans Diversity Fellowship, which granted her an internship at a prestigious law firm.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Lapsley had not listed an attorney. Final charges will be determined by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

What police say happened


Around 6 a.m. Monday, police were called to the scene of a crash at Michigan Road and Grandview Drive, where they found Boyd and Ivy-Dede. The emergency medical staff declared them dead at the scene. They were some of the first people killed in the city in the new year.

When police arrived at the scene of the accident, they got a call from a man saying that he had shot someone who was trying to steal his car and that of his brother. Police searched the area where the caller claimed the shooting took place, but no one was there. Police used a report of a stolen white Kia car that Lapsley filed in November to identify the owner of the phone number.

Near the bodies of Boyd and Ivy-Dede, police found a Kia key fob and two weapons.

Boyd was having a party at his house, and it’s possible that he was driving Lapsley and Ivy-Dede home after the party. Lapsley told his family that he had passed out on the way home and realized that there were “two different people in the car” when he woke up. The driver did not look like his brother. He told his family that he had asked where his brother was but had not heard back. Lapsley said that the woman in the car then started making gun-like clicking noises.

The statement said that Lapsley asked again where his brother was, and when he didn’t hear back, he shot her.

According to the affidavit, Lapsley inquired once more about the whereabouts of his brother and, upon receiving no answer, proceeded to discharge the firearm.

Lapsley was apprehended and immediately invoked his right to an attorney when questioned by the police for an interview.

A ‘well-loved member’ of the fire department

Boyd had been working as an engineer for the Indianapolis Fire Department since May 2014. Throughout his career, he mainly served at the sixth station located near 96th Street. One notable aspect of Boyd’s role was his dedication to mentoring new firefighters. This commitment led to numerous requests from recruits who wanted to be placed at his station. The department acknowledged his significant contributions in this regard.

During the past eight years, he has been a part of a fire marshal team responsible for ensuring fire safety during Colts games at Lucas Oil. This includes monitoring fire safety measures during football games, including the most recent game against the Raiders on Sunday.

The department praised Boyd for his exceptional communication skills, his sense of humor, and his dedication to inspiring young men to consider a career in the fire service, particularly with the IFD.

His mentorship went beyond his colleagues, according to the department. In 2019, Boyd noticed a young boy outside Lucas Oil who was in need of assistance. Recognizing this, he took it upon himself to arrange for the boy to stay in a hotel and reached out to social services. This intervention ultimately led to the boy finding stable housing and eventually reuniting with his family.

Chief Ernest Malone expressed his deep sorrow over the tragic loss, stating that his passing has had a profound impact on the entire department.

In a heartfelt statement, it was expressed that Justin, a cherished member of the department, had faithfully served as a firefighter for a decade. The statement also conveyed condolences to the family of the other victim involved in this tragic event, assuring them that they are in their thoughts and prayers. Those who had the privilege of serving alongside Justin found themselves at a loss for words, as his absence will be deeply felt.

Boyd leaves behind his wife and two children, who will continue to cherish his memory.

If you have any additional information regarding the killings, please get in touch with Detective Michael Wright at 317-327-3475 or email him at [email protected].

You can get in touch with reporter Sarah Nelson by calling her at 317-503-7514 or emailing her at [email protected].

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