Why California Holds the Title of the Most Haunted State in the US: Here’s Why?

With Halloween season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to indulge in some spine-chilling ghost stories and other frightening tales. According to recent rankings, California and Utah have been deemed the scariest states in the United States. For all you horror movie enthusiasts out there, now is an opportune moment to plan a visit to these eerie destinations.

The SmokyMountains website provides extensive information about the renowned national park, including the scariest locations across the country. Their team conducted a study to determine the most spine-chilling state by evaluating the most haunted places, houses, and Halloween shops in each state. Based on the level of “Halloween spirit” they exude, the website ranked these places and listed them on their Spookymeter.

After crunching the numbers, it was determined that California and its western neighbor were the most spine-tingling states. When it comes to managing the bizarre and frightening, California seems to have it all under control.

With 172 Spirit Halloween stores and Alcatraz, known as the most haunted place in the world with 2,240,000 Google search returns on average, California performed exceptionally well. Additionally, the state ranked second in the number of spooky houses in any city. Meanwhile, Union Station in Utah is believed to be cursed, putting them in a tie for first place.

According to the findings, Union Station is a hotspot for paranormal activity. It has gained so much notoriety that approximately 1,044,000 Google searches are conducted every month about the spooky and haunted occurrences at this Utah location. People often recount stories of encountering a woman and children who wander around the old railroad station. Utah also holds a prominent place on the list as it boasts 23 Spirit Halloween stores and nearly 30 haunted houses.

The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas has earned the title of “most haunted hotel” in America, with an astonishing “800,000 search results on how haunted and scary it is.” If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can experience a spine-chilling night at the hotel yourself and then regale us with your tales of terror.

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