Woman accused of murder 9 years after hit-and-run victim went missing

Bridgette Mathews, a resident of Alabama, has been taken into custody for her alleged involvement in the unresolved homicide of Charles Jackson Jr. that occurred in 2014.

According to a news release from the Mobile County District Attorney’s office on Monday, Jackson was tragically killed in West Mobile, Alabama in May of 2014. He had been missing since May 23, 2014. The district attorney’s office stated that Jackson was run over and killed.¬† he was 33 years old at the time.

According to the district attorney’s office, Jackson was believed to have been fatally hit by Mathews, who resides in Mobile. The last communication from Jackson was a text message containing the word “Help,” and unfortunately, his body has not been located yet.

The Mobile County Metro Jail’s list of inmates shows that Mathews has been in custody since mid-August 2023. Reports indicate that she was detained for violating probation and an escaping charge. However, she has now been charged with murder, and the district attorney’s office has announced that her arraignment will be scheduled at a later date.

According to Keith Blackwood, the district attorney, Mathews and Jackson were acquainted with each other and it is likely that more arrests will be made in relation to the case.

According to Blackwood, it has been established that Mathews and the victim had a prior relationship. Furthermore, there are other individuals involved in this case who were familiar with Charles Jackson, and the investigation is ongoing. Blackwood believes that this will not be the final arrest made in connection to this case.

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