Woman Recovery Following Possible Road Rage Incident

Wagswoofs –  At Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria in Broad Ripple, the employees don purple t-shirts with the words ‘We need your love.’ On the back of these shirts, you’ll find various ways to show support for their employee, Taby Reed.


According to Alexander Smith, the general manager at Lou Malnati’s in Broad Ripple, she is not just the face that greets our guests, but an essential part of the store’s operations.

In the early hours of November 25th, at approximately 2:30 am, police received a report of shots fired near the intersection of S State Avenue and E Washington.

Alice Story, Taby’s grandmother, received a phone call from her grandson.


“I was told that there’s someone here who wants to talk to you about Taby,” said Story, his voice filled with concern. “Naturally, I asked what happened to Taby, and he replied with a heavy heart, ‘She’s been shot.'”

According to Story, Taby was in close proximity to the train tracks on State Avenue when the car ahead of her either came to a halt or was moving at a significantly slow speed. Story mentions that Taby honked at the driver and proceeded to overtake them, which is when the driver fired a shot at her.

“Story reported that she has suffered brain damage.”

According to the story, Story has regained the ability to open her eyes and has started speaking slowly again on Sunday.

“I was overwhelmed with joy that tears started streaming down my face. In that moment, I couldn’t contain my emotions and exclaimed, “You don’t need to verbalize your love for me. I can feel it in my heart.” shared Story.”


Taby’s recovery is currently the main focus, but Story admits to having some lingering questions.

Story, expressing his lack of hatred and bitterness, emphasized that he seeks clarification regarding the person responsible for the incident. He stated, “Hate is not in me. I just want to understand why this happened.”

The story also emphasizes the fact that a gun is never the solution.

Story emphasized the importance of understanding that aggression, gun activity, and anger issues should never be seen as a solution.

All five Lou Malnati’s locations in Indianapolis are joining hands to raise funds for Taby. They have organized a special fundraiser on January 4th dedicated to her cause. To make it convenient for people to donate, QR codes are available at the restaurants. Additionally, cash donations will also be accepted, and the Malnati’s Match program will match these contributions.

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