You Won’t Believe This Hidden Texas City With the Lowest Property Tax in the State!

Property taxes are a major expense for homeowners in Texas. In fact, they are the second-highest source of revenue for local governments in the state. The average effective property tax rate in Texas is 1.67%, which means that homeowners pay an average of $1,670 in property taxes for every $100,000 of assessed home value.

However, there are a few cities in Texas where homeowners can get away with paying much less in property taxes. One such city is Longview, located in Gregg County in East Texas. Longview has the lowest property tax rate in the state, at just 0.67%. This means that homeowners in Longview pay an average of just $670 in property taxes for every $100,000 of assessed home value.

Why is Longview’s property tax rate so low?

There are a few reasons why Longview’s property tax rate is so low. One reason is that the city has a relatively low cost of living. This means that the city does not need to collect as much in property taxes to fund essential services.

Another reason is that Longview has a strong economy. The city is home to a number of large employers, including Eastman Chemical Company, Trinity Industries, and the University of Texas at Tyler. This strong economy helps to keep property values low, which in turn helps to keep property taxes low.

Finally, Longview has a very efficient government. The city has a long history of fiscal responsibility, and it has been able to keep its administrative costs low. This has helped to keep property taxes low without sacrificing essential services.

What are the benefits of living in Longview?

In addition to having the lowest property tax rate in Texas, Longview offers a number of other benefits to residents. The city has a low crime rate, a strong school system, and a variety of parks and recreational facilities. Longview is also conveniently located near major highways and airports, making it easy to get around.

Is Longview right for you?

If you are looking for a city with low property taxes, a strong economy, and a high quality of life, then Longview may be the right place for you. The city is a great place to raise a family or retire, and it is also a growing business community.

Here are some additional things to consider about Longview:

  • The city’s median home value is $153,300, which is lower than the median home value in Texas.
  • The city’s unemployment rate is 4.5%, which is slightly higher than the state unemployment rate of 3.9%.
  • The city’s public schools are ranked average by the Texas Education Agency.

Overall, Longview is a great place to live for people who are looking for a city with low property taxes, a strong economy, and a high quality of life.


If you are considering moving to Texas, be sure to check out Longview. The city has a lot to offer, and its low property tax rate is just one of the many reasons why it is a great place to call home.

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