Seven More Arrested In Investigation Of Dog Fighting And Drug Ring

Wagswoofs – Seven additional individuals have been arrested following the execution of search warrants on December 6th. These individuals are believed to be connected to a dog fighting and drug trafficking operation.

During the operation conducted in Indianapolis, Anderson, and Muncie, law enforcement officials discovered a variety of controlled substances, confiscated 12 firearms, seized over $40,000 in cash, and successfully rescued around 75 dogs. The individuals apprehended as a result of this operation ranged in age from 37 to 71 years old.

In September of this year, a total of 21 individuals were arrested. Now, we have an additional 7 defendants who have been brought into the case.

In the September incident, law enforcement officials executed multiple search warrants and confiscated an additional 40 firearms, amounting to over $55,000. Moreover, they discovered 90 dogs in various locations. It is worth noting that some of these locations also harbored illicit substances such as fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine.

According to the press release in September, the drug ring smuggled narcotics into the United States from Mexico. Afterwards, the drugs were distributed to “low-level dealers” who operated in Indianapolis and nearby communities. The transfer of money was conducted through wire transfers and CashApp.

Dog fighting paraphernalia, including treadmills for the dogs, bite sticks, and weights, was discovered in both instances.

Some members of the group have a documented past involvement in dog fighting. It has been revealed that two individuals who were arrested had previous associations with dog fighting, dating back to 2001 and 2005.

If the defendants arrested on Wednesday are proven guilty, they could each potentially face a maximum of five years in federal prison for their involvement in a Conspiracy to engage in an Animal Fighting Venture.

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