Strangers Rush To Help Of Victim Following Fatal Independence Hit-and-run

Wagswoofs – Andy Clapp, 51, was hit and killed in Independence on December 18. He was hurt badly and died nine days later.

Brad Grissom and Tabitha Watson were at the scene of the accident. The events of that night came back to Brad.

“I went to help her, and she was already calling 911. I thought it was too late, but Tabitha did not. It was amazing the way that she was just so calm, and she took complete control of the entire situation,” Grissom said.

Watson says she felt like she was in a dream.

“I think there was always a thought in the back of my head going ‘this is a traumatic event, when is that going to sink in’?”

She said it was “definitely some divine timing of right place, right time to provide help because he did land in an area where you wouldn’t have seen him.”

Clapp’s wife of 25 years and their five children will miss him. According to Andy’s wife, Rachel, it’s hard to picture her kids’ lives without their dad.

“He loved his family so much he was so involved in his kids lives. So this is hard to think about all of the things that they will have to do without their dad,” she said.

The grieving family has already received over $13,000 in donations from the community, thanks to a GoFundMe page set up by a family member.

“We are grateful for the amazing community that God has blessed us with. Whether it’s our church community, friends, or other areas of life, we have been fortunate to have people who have supported and stood by us in times of need.”

The family emphasizes that they have been relying on their faith in recent weeks.

“We hold the belief that God is faithful, and we maintain hope that we will be reunited with my husband,” Rachel expressed. “Does that imply it’s effortless? No, there are numerous challenges we must face. However, we persist by taking one step at a time and doing what is right.”

The Independence Police Department is actively working on the investigation and has stated that the case is still ongoing.

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