Adult Kids Condemn Accused Kidnapper Craig Ross, Labeling Him ‘Dead to Us’

Joshua Ross and his sister find themselves at the center of an intense media storm in Porter Corners, New York, as their father, Craig Nelson Ross Jr., is accused of kidnapping. Despite being his children, Joshua and his sister decide to cut all ties with their father and distance themselves from the ongoing investigation. The situation is emotionally charged, and their story is both raw and compelling.

In a candid conversation with investigative journalist and streamer, Jonathan Lee Riches, the family’s unfiltered emotions were revealed. The exchange provided a raw look into the fractured family dynamics amidst a disturbing criminal case.

Craig Nelson Ross Jr., who is 47 years old, has recently become the center of attention after being arrested and charged with the kidnapping of nine-year-old Charlotte Sena. The little girl had gone missing during a solo bike ride in Moreau Lake State Park, and her disappearance had triggered a massive 48-hour search. Her discovery concealed within a cabinet in Ross’s campervan had brought immense relief and garnered public adulation for the rescue efforts. However, the Ross family is now facing a maelstrom of media scrutiny, public disdain, and personal heartbreak amidst this entire ordeal.

Without missing a beat, Joshua Ross expressed his emotions with clarity, saying, “But he’s in jail. We want nothing to do with him. I wouldn’t care if the guy died tomorrow.” His sister echoed his thoughts, stating, “He’s repulsive, he’s appalling. He’s dead to me. I couldn’t care less. That’s just how I feel—I don’t give a damn about what happens to him. Did you record that?”

When authorities executed a search warrant at Craig Ross Jr.’s home, the situation became even more tense with the arrival of his children, Joshua and his sister. When journalist Jonathan Lee Riches spoke with them, it became clear that they had a deep sense of detachment and disgust towards their father. Their raw emotions and palpable anger shed light on the personal toll that the criminal case was taking on the accused’s family.

Additionally, there are numerous unanswered inquiries revolving around Ross and his possible involvement or prior observation of the Sena family. It’s worth noting that his residence is situated just two miles from the Senas, which further raises suspicion. As a result, the investigation has shifted towards delving into Ross’s past, scrutinizing any connections he may have had with the Sena family, and piecing together the events that led up to and followed the kidnapping with great care.

The community of Porter Corners is coming to terms with the shocking revelation of a kidnapper in their midst, while also celebrating the safe return of Charlotte Sena. However, the Ross family is dealing with their own struggles, as their shattered familial ties are exposed, revealing a parallel narrative of pain and betrayal. The FBI and New York State Police are tirelessly working on the investigation to uncover the truth about Ross’s involvement and potential premeditation. Despite the tragedy, the search and rescue team’s efforts have been a symbol of collective effort and unity, and the Sena family is grateful for their support.

As the aftermath of this chaotic event continues to unfold, the raw and honest words of Joshua Ross and his sister serve as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that this tragedy has had on the families involved. It’s impossible not to be moved by the complex web of emotions, consequences, and the pursuit of justice that are all interwoven within the fabric of this small New York community.

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