Gun Drops From First Grader’s Backpack In Brownsburg, School Says

Wagswoofs – An investigation has been launched following an incident at Reagan Elementary on Monday where a gun accidentally fell out of a first-grade student’s backpack.

During the afternoon dismissal, a student from Brownsburg School Corporation had an unfortunate incident where an unloaded handgun accidentally fell out of their backpack.

The Brownsburg school police had securely secured the gun.

The school administration held a meeting with the student’s family to address the situation. According to the student, they were unaware of the presence of the gun in their backpack. The student’s family firmly believes that the gun was placed in the backpack by someone other than their child.

“There will be appropriate consequences issued and the student will not be at school while we have additional discussions with the family. We are currently calling the families of all of the students in this class,” Brownsburg Community School Corporation said.

The school reached out to the families of all the students in the class.

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