Bomb Threats At New York City Jewish Centers Leave Community Members Frightened

Wagswoofs –  Members of the Jewish community in New York City are feeling frightened as bomb threats continue to occur.

On Sunday, bomb threats targeted the Riverdale Jewish Center and the Shaare Zion Temple in Brooklyn.

The NYPD thoroughly investigated both of these synagogues, uncovering that the threats originated from various synagogues across the city. Although the investigation is still ongoing, law enforcement officials have determined that these threats are part of a larger pattern of swatting or hoax threats that have been occurring nationwide.

People who belong to the Riverdale Jewish Center are glad those threats were not true, but they are scared that those false threats could become real.

There have been many bomb threats against Rabbi Pewnzer of the Riverdale Center over the years.

Pewnzer expressed his frustration, saying, “When will this cease? It has reached a point where we can no longer endure it. We are constantly being targeted and the attacks persist. We desperately need assistance, and it is crucial for more individuals to be cognizant of our desire for tranquility.”

The NYPD has announced their intention to persistently monitor the areas under threat and proceed with their ongoing investigation.

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