Hamas Captors Release 11 More Israeli Hostages And Extend Truce

Wagswoofs – On Monday, Qatar announced the extension of the truce between Israel and Hamas for an additional two days. As a result, eleven Israeli hostages were released by their captors from Hamas.


The Israeli Defense Forces have announced that the Red Cross has successfully facilitated the release of the Israeli hostages, which included nine children and two mothers.

After being released, the hostages were accompanied by military and Shin Bet intelligence personnel as they entered Israeli territory. The IDF stated that the 11 individuals will undergo an initial medical assessment before being reunited with their families.

“The IDF, along with the entire Israeli security establishment, is committed to persisting in its operations until all the hostages are safely brought back home,” stated the military.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has confirmed in a post on X that they have successfully facilitated the release and transfer of 11 hostages held in Gaza. They clarify that while they were not directly involved in the negotiations, their role has been to act as a neutral intermediary and facilitate the agreement.


The fourth and final phase of the Israel-Hamas deal to release 50 captives in exchange for a four-day pause in the Gaza war has recently been completed. It is worth noting that Hamas still has the option to release an additional 20 to 40 Israeli hostages in the near future.

“We are committed to following the agreed-upon outline and staying focused on our primary objective: securing the release of our hostages, dismantling Hamas, and preventing a recurrence of this threat in Gaza,” stated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a budget meeting on Monday evening.


He stated that there will not be a continuation of what has happened in the past. Moreover, there will not be a government that promotes terrorism, provides education on terrorism, and financially supports terrorism.

The Qatari foreign ministry spokesman, Majed Al Ansari, has confirmed that the cease-fire will be extended for an additional two days. This extension could potentially prolong the temporary cease-fire until Saturday morning, in accordance with the terms of the agreement.


The truce, negotiated by Qatar, entails that for every 10 hostages released by Hamas, the ceasefire will be extended by one day, with a maximum extension of 10 days.

In a late Sunday statement, Hamas expressed its hope for a possible extension to further increase the number of Palestinian prisoners being released. So far, Israel has returned 117 prisoners to Palestine.

The group’s announcement seems to be their first official statement indicating a desire to extend the truce beyond its scheduled end at 7 a.m. local time on Tuesday.

In a statement on Monday, President Joe Biden expressed his deep involvement over the past few days in ensuring the continued success of the deal. He emphasized the crucial role played by extensive U.S. mediation and diplomacy in brokering and upholding this agreement, which has yielded positive outcomes.

Over 50 hostages have been successfully released and reunited with their families. Among those who have been freed are young children, mothers, and grandmothers.

During his visit to Gaza on Sunday, Netanyahu met with the Israel Defense Forces, marking the first time an Israeli leader has set foot in the occupied territory since 2005. He hinted at the possibility of extending the ceasefire if Hamas continued to release hostages.

However, he also made strong statements, vowing that the conflict would not come to an end until Hamas was completely eradicated.

“We will persist until the very end, until we achieve victory. Nothing can hinder us,” proclaimed Netanyahu confidently. He informed Biden during their phone conversation that the military offensive in Gaza would recommence with utmost intensity once any extension concluded.

Biden promised that his administration would make every effort to extend the truce, allowing for the release of additional hostages and the delivery of much-needed humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

He promised to stay personally involved with Netanyahu to ensure that the truce agreement is fully implemented, while also making efforts to extend it.

According to Biden, the deal has been designed in a way that allows for its extension to further build upon the achieved results.

Our aim is to extend this pause beyond tomorrow.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated on U.S. television Sunday that the pause in the fighting could be extended for one, two, three, or even more days. However, it ultimately depends on Hamas to decide the duration of the pause.

According to Sullivan, the responsibility for the cessation of hostilities lies with Hamas, not Israel. He recognized that the pause in fighting allowed Hamas to regroup, adapt, and capitalize on its successes through social media.

Qatari officials also tried to manage expectations of a longer pause by cautioning that the task of locating all the hostages, who were taken by various groups, posed a challenge for Hamas.

According to Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, it is known that there are at least 40 women and children in Gaza who are being held by groups other than Hamas.

The extension will occur if they are able to locate more women and children. The exact number of individuals they will find remains uncertain at this time. The pause in operations allows them the necessary time to continue their search for the remaining missing people.

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