How to Cool Down a Dog When Temperatures Rise

We have all heard horror stories of pets left in hot cars. But it bears repeating that you should never leave your dog in the car unattended when temperatures get above 70°. When the heat of the summer brings us to shed our heavier clothes in exchange for tanks and shorts, think of how to help your pets who lack the ability to do the same.

Wondering how to cool down a dog in summer, in hot weather? Not only do we provide tips on how to cool down a dog, but also the most common mistake that is made. Read on!

Most importantly, do not shave dogs with double coats.

#1 Mistake in How to Cool Down a Dog

First, we must squash a myth associated with dogs with thick coats, also called double coats. Shaving these dogs will NOT keep them cooler.

The soft undercoat is designed to naturally shed as temperatures rise. This leaves only the top guard hairs which protect your dog from sunburn and insulate him against the heat. Air can then circulate through the guard hairs to cool the skin.

Consequently, shaving a dog with a double coat causes the undercoat to grow back first. Its purpose being to keep your dog warm in the winter by absorbing the sun’s rays. Ask your groomer to only bathe and blow/comb out the undercoat but not to shave them.

7 Tips on How to Cool Down a Dog

Summer is a wonderful time to spend with our furry friends. To make the most of it use these tips on how to keep a dog cool when temperatures rise.

Water to Drink

Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water to drink. At home ddding a few cubes of ice to their water bowl can help keep it cool throughout the day.

Always carry water when leaving home. Water bottles with attached cups are helpful to keep your dog hydrated. Or, bring a folding water bowl and share from your insulated bottle.

Years ago, our 90lb lab collapsed from overheating and we not only had to douse him with all the water we brought but also carry him down the hill. It was scary, dangerous, and a lesson learned the hard way.

Water to Splash In

If you don’t live near water, you can get a kiddie pool and fill it with cold water for your dog to splash in throughout the day.

At home towel soaked in cold water can cool down a dog. While a dog ice pack may be intended for injuries or post surgery treatment, they can also certainly help a pet cool down.

Don’t underestimate the power or ice and water to cool down your pet. Dogs need lots of water on hot days.

Let Them Rest

Highly active dogs often don’t know when to stop. Monitor them during long periods of activity. Make sure to encourage them to take a break.

Pet Cooling Mat

Dogs love a good pet cooling may on a hot day. Dog cooling mats are filled with a special gel or water that helps absorb the body heat of the dog and cool them down. Cooling mats are activated by the pressure of your dog’s body. If you live in an area without AC having one of these inside is a good idea.

Dog Cooling Vest

If your dog will be away from home, without shade or water on a hot day a dog cooling vest could be a good options. These vests trap cool air or water near your pet’s body to help keep them cool. There are different types of vests that work in different ways. Active dogs may prefer a vest soaked in cold water that they wear against their chest.

Cooling Dog Collar

There are dog collars and bandanas available that operate similarly to the dog cooling and and vests. These are cooled down in the freezer and then last for a while to help cool your furry friend until they warm back up.

Wondering how to cool down a dog in summer, in hot weather? Read on for tips on how to keep your dog cool!

A Frozen Treat

This may or may not actually be effective in cooling your pet down. But a frozen treat is sure to be a hot on hot days too. It will al the very least make them a happy pup.

Following these tips can make all the difference to your pet’s well-being. Enjoy the hot days but keep a cool head for the sake of you and your pet.

Do you have any other trick you’ve used that were effective in how cool down a dog on hot days? Tell us in the comments below!

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