British Boy Missing For 6 Years Found Alive In France: Report

Wagswoofs – According to a report by French news outlet La Depeche, an 11-year-old British schoolboy who disappeared while traveling with his family in Spain six years ago and was believed to have been kidnapped by them has been discovered safe and sound in France.

According to reports, Alex Batty, who hails from Greater Manchester in England, was discovered by the authorities on Wednesday evening in Revel, located in the Haute-Garonne region of southwestern France.

In September 2017, Batty, who is now 17, embarked on a vacation to Marbella, Spain. Despite facing domestic issues that prevented both his mother, Melanie Batty, and his grandfather, David Batty, from being with him at the time, they still went on the trip together. Reports reveal this intriguing detail.

When his grandmother, Susan Caruana, permitted the boy to accompany them on a two-week vacation, little did she know that they would never return home. Filled with worry, she raised the alarm, fearing that they had abducted him.

During interviews, Caruana expressed her belief that her daughter and ex-husband made the decision to take the boy overseas in order to embrace an “alternative lifestyle.” She also mentioned that they were not inclined towards sending him to a “mainstream school.”

Caruana mentioned that she had not been in contact with Batty since he went missing.

According to La Depeche, the trio had joined a spiritual community that frequently visited Aude and Ariège in southern France. They would often sleep in tents, caravans, or lodges. However, Batty recently made the decision to leave the group and pursue his own path in life.

After spending days hiking, a truck driver picked him up, becoming suspicious and promptly calling the police. Despite lacking any identifiable information, authorities are convinced that the individual in question is Batty, as confirmed by their thorough questioning, as reported by La Depeche.

After his story was verified and found to be consistent with reality, the teenager was placed under the care of the department’s social services. He will remain in their custody until his relatives can be located.

According to Greater Manchester Police (GMP), they have not yet confirmed the identity of the teenager being referred to as Batty. They are currently in contact with French authorities to verify the authenticity of the report.

According to an email statement from a spokesperson of the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to Fox News Digital, the ongoing investigation is both complex and extensive. In order to proceed, the authorities need to conduct additional inquiries and implement necessary measures to ensure the safety of all involved.

GMP stated that Melanie Batty and David Batty have yet to be found and are being sought in relation to Alex’s disappearance.

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