This Hidden Alabama Town Is So Peaceful, You’ll Never Want to Leave

Southside, Alabama, often referred to as the “loveliest village on the Coosa,” is celebrated for its unique blend of safety, beauty, and community spirit, making it arguably the most peaceful place to live in the state. With a modest population of 9,584, Southside fosters a close-knit community atmosphere. The town’s history dates back to 1850 when it was formed by the merger of three smaller communities. It played a significant role in transportation in its early days, particularly with the operation of several ferries across the Coosa River, including the notable Gilbert’s Ferry.

The town’s picturesque setting is enhanced by its location in the foothills of the southern Appalachian Mountains along the Coosa River, offering residents a mix of mountain and lakeside living. Southside Landing, near the iconic Little Bridge, is a hub for community activities, featuring a park with a playground, picnic area, waterfront decking, walking trails, and boat facilities. The area is also home to the Blackstone Bait Shack, a restaurant that opened in 2022, offering a variety of foods and beverages with stunning waterfront views.

Harbor Point, a colorful subdivision near Southside Landing, is known for its vibrant houses and a distinctive lighthouse, making it a popular choice for lakeside living. The community is actively involved in shaping its future, as evidenced by the Southside Next strategic plan, which aims to guide the town’s development through 2040.

Southside’s commitment to maintaining a peaceful environment is evident in its low crime rates and community policing efforts. The local police force, consisting of 22 sworn and civilian employees, adopts a community-based approach to law enforcement, including initiatives like Coffee With A Cop, which fosters open communication between residents and officers.

The town also offers a variety of social and recreational activities, including outdoor movie nights, community painting events, and active youth sports leagues. These initiatives, along with the town’s focus on fostering community connections, contribute to its reputation as a peaceful and desirable place to live.

For more information and updates about Southside, residents and visitors can refer to the City of Southside government website and follow their Facebook page. The article encourages readers to share their opinions on whether Southside is indeed the most peaceful place to live in Alabama.

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